The Child of Night

The Child of Night


Cloaked in nights darkness, a blackness so pure.
I curse the light that comes with dawn.
For as a moth to the flame, I burn.

The birth of a day anew heralds my slumber.
My torment dimmed by the night's profit.
My spirit is now renewed.

I long for her embrace, her heart so tender.
Stolen from my grasp, upon grounds so hallowed.
Were that thought could carry her to me.

Her supple flesh, rousing eyes
A beauty I recall of many scores ago.
A delicacy bequeathed to gods,
Must certainly be fit for a prince.
Her blood, I need it now.

Mortality so ephemeral, she will be mine.
The rising sun, ever my enemy.
As shadows reach across the grounds,
my time for sleep is nigh.

As death sets upon the horizon
I rise to greet nights call once more.
The sense of my love within my veins, tells me she is alone.
And with her, my cold heart may beat yet again,
Like it did oh so long ago.

A love I must taste, to sup on a sweetness so complete.
My fangs at her throat, only to be met with my own mortality.
An eternity of unquenched hunger extinguished by loves betrayal.
Blinded by my passion, my maker now calls by the point of sharpened stake.
And for the last time into blackness, I slumber the long night.


A Poem by Furrion

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  • What a fine poem this is indeed. Although I loathe to admit it but I am soooo not proficient at poetry. Neither at crafting it nor at reading and interpreting it the way the author intended. I can do with subtlety in most stories I read but to me, poems are usually an enigma. Nevertheless, after I figured out the rhyme... scheme? What's the verse order called? Anyway, after I figured out how to read in order for it to sound coherent it was quite pleasant to experience. 

    The story of a misguided vampire, I take it? Longing for the blood which is made manifest in the shape of his victim. Only that eternal blackness shall claim him for that victim drove the stake into his heart. Did I get that right?

    If I didn't, please let me know. I am eager to know! :D

    • I tend to have a rough time with poetry too lol. I appreciate the beauty and flow of the prose, the vocabulary, etc. but as far as interpretation goes I stumble.

      My view of what happened mostly lines up with yours but I thought that the vampire took his own life at the end. I thought maybe after the part about sleeping and everything dreams tormented him or perhaps the blood hunger and he can't go outside so he just ended it ... ? Idk upon reread your interpretation of events seems more likely 

      • Thank's prime. Yep your interpretation is pretty much spot on :) Happy to hear you enjoyed the read mate!

  • Really nice poem Furr! As always your prose is beautiful, and the storyline was chilling. Well done.

    • Hey Pixel, thank you for the kind words, Super happy you enjoyed within the poem. It's certainly the most story-driven one I  have done thus far.

  • You have such a way with words. 

    • Cheers, Curse. I have another couple of poems on the way this week too, so keep an eye open

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