The Prime Bestiary - Page I: The Resentment

The Resentment


8-Bit fanart by King Bendix



Name: The Resentment

Creature Type: Abomination; Alive Undead

Has Soul: Yes, multiple



A hairless, gargantuan, quadrupedal monstrosity composed of countless human and merish beings. It sports four legs, two arms, one tail and one head, all attached to a giant torso and abdomen, all formed from sewn-together people.

The 'hands' of it sport 7 fingers, made from people's arms, same with its feet and corresponding toes.

The people the monster is constructed from are arranged in such a way as to form a downwards streaming line, the feet always pointing either towards the body or the ground.

Hundreds, if not thousands of faces and writhing limbs, half-attached to the hulking flesh mass, screaming and grabbing the air in insatiable hunger.

Its general surface is littered with out of place appendages and underdeveloped fleshy matter.

Some people that have been used to construct this four legged nightmare already died, either by its unheeding way of locomotion or by attacks from hostile wildlife, causing the Resentment to rot and wither in places, giving off an unspeakable foetor.



Ground Slam:

Strikes the earth with unrelenting force creating a small shock wave, crushing nearby foes.


Venomous Bite:

Each of the innumerable mouths on the Resentment's surface can inflict a dangerous disorienting and fatiguing poisoning. Tends to tear flesh from bone of any living being.


Mad Screech:

Screeches in unspeakable madness, inflicting stark terror in the surrounding victims. Ears aren't seldom popping from this terrifying noise, sending people fleeing the immediate area.


Brutal Slash:

Slashes with its 'arms' at its victims, usually straight up killing them in the process. If not, dismemberment is the inevitable consequence.



The infamous Necromancer has devised a black ritual to create a creature from the still soul-inhabited bodies of men and mer in an effort to further his understanding of the dark arts. He originally intended to test as to whether or not still inhabited bodies could be tampered with, by extension working on an experiment to draw a soul from the planes of Oblivion or Aetherius to impart it into a new body.

However, this current experiment may have proved his theories, it has also conjured up an abomination of unprecedented repulsiveness. How many people have been imprisoned, tortured and used for this unholy being to come into existence is not known. But it is said that every body retains its original soul, being stuck in fleshy purgatory until death by gruesome force.

Nobody knows where it is now. Only that a now retired hunter has apparently come across it. Likewise, it is not known if any of the souls are deciding its actions. Who or what controls it is to be speculated.


This creature appears in:

The Necromancer Cycle - Part I - The Aquila-Axilius Report


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