The Prime Bestiary - Page II: The Fleshbound Horror

The Fleshbound Horror


8-Bit fanart by King Bendix


Name: The Fleshbound Horror

Creature Type: Undead; Summoned Beast

Has Soul: No



This bipedal humanoid horror is composed of one regular skeleton and a big heap of rotten flesh, fused together by necromancy and restoration magic in an antediluvian blood magic ritual. It has no skin, so bare, blood seeping tissue covers the entirety of its surface.

It sports two arms with boney claws and two legs, all of which severely malformed from the coarse meat used. Because of the flesh being half rotten and from unnameable sources, the creature grows a random array of underdeveloped limbs across its body and head, spare arms or legs, tails or even tentacles. This particular specimen has two tails sprouting from where its eyes should be and some other spare limbs jutting out of its chest and back. Furthermore, a host of gaping mouths litter its body, ferociously biting and gnawing at the surrounding air.

It has no face but rather a coarse array of deformed organic matter. It has no real sight or smell but still retains a sense of where everything is in relation to it. Internal organs it has none so it is plagued by insatiable hunger among an unstoppable madness from its lack of a proper brain. It is constantly seeping blood and other viscose bodily fluids from its lack of proper membranes, bringing about an unbelievable malodorousness.




It bites and gnaws with its insatiable mouths tearing the flesh of its victims in brutal fashion.



With its claws it lacerates through its foes with ease, dismembering them.



It clumsily shambles forward, thereby confusing its enemy. With limbs like these, you'll never know where it'll appear next. However, it moves swiftly nonetheless.



When Marcus started dabbling in the dark arts, he expected to bring back the dead. What he brought hither instead was this monstrosity. During a ritual whereby he and his associate Rhodulf Ironstaff the younger worked together to raise a corpse in unison with applying healing energy and a touch of ancient blood magic to it, the Fleshbound Horror has been born.

It is not so much an artificially created creature, as the plane the ritual originates from is filled to the brim with such abominations amongst other, more unsavory beings. To imagine that there's a  world where these creatures are commonplace is bad enough. To take into consideration however that in this soulless place dwell entities of even more vile nature is downright maddening.


This creature appears in:

The Necromancer Cycle - Part II - In the Depths of Madness - Chapter III



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