The Prime Bestiary - Table of Contents

The Prime Bestiary

I see thou hast happen'd upon the antediluvian tome of præternatural horror and dæmoniac terrors from the realms beyond. Contain'd within this volume are accounts concerning the ghastliest of things that lurketh malevolently in the outer worlds of tainted space. Dost thou dare peek behind the curtain of the unfathomable caliginosity born from unnameable voids? Prithee, gaze upon the pages and familiarize thyself with the adversaries that creepeth across the unhallowed grounds of inconceivable places.


Welcome to my Bestiary!

Here you will find entries to all the unholy creatures that stalk the protagonists of my stories. This post shall serve as the Table of Contents for easier navigation while each entry will provide links to the stories they are related to.



Page I: The Resentment

Page II: The Fleshbound Horror

Page III: The Changed

Page IV: The Bloodwraith

Page V: The Blighted

Page VI: The Geists

Page VII: The Crimson Cultist/The Bloodmaiden

Page VIII: The Shaped

Page IX: The Guardian

Page X: The Scavenger

Page XI: The Aímamer

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