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  • So, how should the first paragraphs/sentences look like to convince the reader to continue reading?
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      • I can't see any.
    • Theres a few ways. A quote or a question tend to be fine. Try to create a mood of suspense. Or a conversation between two characters about your character. Riftens most wanted probably has my favorite start to any build. Read some of our more talented writers work, and try to see how they begin their work.
      • Thanks, I'll try reading some.
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    • Nah, it should be fine. It worked nicely in Prequel, for example.
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        • Read. I'm pretty sure people would rather look at it as a nice touch. A bit of extra coolness.

    • Depends on how you go about representing it. If you represent it like how it looks in game perhaps yes, too game-like. If you make it so the Imperial calms everyone down (like at a meeting or gathering) then it works beautifully

  • Blatant exposition of character's backstory/origin on the first pages us not the best thing you can do (lookin' at ya, Sirborn). Anyone agrees?
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      • Nobody seems to agree with me so far, so maybe it's just me not knowing shit.
  • Holy crap, apparently this discussion is a ripoff!
    I'm sorry Blacklight!
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