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Is this working?

To whoever reads this,

This post is more or less a test. So, after a 3-4 month hiatus I decided to hop back on to the Skyforge. However, for some bizzare reason I wasn't able to reply to/post anything for around 2 weeks. If you are seeing this post, p

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Pc Perk Overhauls

So I'm planning on getting a Pc in a year's time, and I'm making a list of the mods to install. 

Unfortunately I can't decide on a perk overhaul; personally I'm leaning towards Ordinator, but Vokrii has grabbed my attention.

So my question to you guys

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Character Build: The Elven Scourge



“How dare they”. She exclaimed in anger, gipping her hand into a fist and punching the Thalmor assassin in the stomach winding him. “After all I did for them, after all they did to me!” “They expect to dispose of me like trash”. She drew

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Event Build: The Demon Hunter

Name: N/a
Codename: Demon Hunter
Age: N/a

The 'Demon Hunter' was found in a pool of blood outside a temple of Arkay in Cyrodiil 5 years ago with no memories, with a burning hate for vampires.

He was indoctrinated into the order, creating potions

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