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ESO Guides: Cash Money Money in 2nd-Era Tamriel

People of Riften, heed my words - it’s time for another weekend guide to ESO from your old Uncle Avi.

Tamriel runs on money. Things cost money. Things sell for money. You want money. You want money? Let’s make some money.                             

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ESO Guides: PVP (An Introduction)

People of Riften, heed my words! This week I want to provide some basic information about PVP in Elder Scrolls Online. Right now we are in the middle of the Midyear Mayhem event, so you will receive double rewards for all PVP activity (2x Alliance Po

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ESO Guides: Crafting

Greetings, vestige - every week I plan to post something that offers some guidance and tips on how to get into this MASSIVE game and make the most of it. There are SO MANY different systems, different ways to play (and even more on the way with the r

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Greetings from your Host

Greetings. Mission accomplished, everything else here is gravy.

My name is Avi, I will be hosting this tiny, and hopefully growing, group for the near future.


Here's a selfie of me. I had a rough night when this was taken.


I am a long-time Skyrim fana

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Character Build: The Hulkynd

I love playing characters that buck their racial stereotypes. The inspiration for my second build (thanks, BTW, for the positive response to my first one) was a bit player in the Summerset chapter of ESO—one of many high elves that are exiled from Al

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Character Build: The Black Dragon

My name is Lyra Viria. I was born 948 years ago. For 30 of those years, I was an assassin; a dark supplicant; a holy warrior; an instrument of death.

But I was never the master of my fate. My life was consumed by vengeance and fury, and I was rightful

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