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Character Build: The Scion of War

Greetings one and all to what was my second build for a CB Event, Songs of the North, on the Vault, back in early 2018. While browsing through some old builds on Drive, I decided, fuck it, port this one.. Get ready for one crazy, war loving Altmer, g

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Contest Build: The Ternion Monk

Greetings and salutations everypony, and welcome to my latest Skyrim build, my entry for the Gods and Mortals contest, and one of the few I’ve played via Survival Mode. While browsing through the Factions of Elder Scrolls on UESP, I came upon this in

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Character Build: The Sanguinus Venator

We are an old order, older than the modern Empire even. We were created by a sect of  the Alessian Order, as a secret weapon. Our blood would be infused with vampiric and lycan blood, and our eyes replaced with those of daedra. This process gave us e

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Lore Report: Frank Horrigan


This is Captain Michael Blackwood, of the 501st Hellfire Division. This report is made to commemorate the recent death of one Special Agent Frank Horrigan.

Horrigan was, to put it bluntly, a monster. Even with his low intelligence, the man managed to

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Favorite Manufacturer in Borderlands?

Hey there fellow Vault Dwellers  er, Hunters! Now, in the Skag-Eat-Skag world of Pandora and its surrounding planets, you can't go anywhere without a good firearm or two, or four, at your side. For those of you who love this wacky looter shooter like

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Contest Build: The Ace Detective

Greetings and salutations, my fellow Skyrimmers. It’s been a hot minute since my last build, and I couldn’t decide which to write up as my next, then this contest dropped. As someone who has played Vanilla for a little over a year now after a long wh

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Persona-What is a Persona?

Now, for those of you interested in checking out a Persona game, you may wonder, what's a Persona? Well,  to take a page from psychiatrist Carl Jung's (Of which the series takes some inspiration from), Personas are "The persona, for Swiss psychiatris

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Of Magecraft and Spider Silk-Prologue

So, you wish to know our story eh? How a Spider Daedroth from the Pandomian depths of Oblivion and an amiable Redguard mage from Dragonstar met, bonded, and, well, I’m not one for spoilers. To get to the heart of any tale, even a true one, we must al

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