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Contest Build: The Lord Impaler

Greetings and bienvenue, my dear reader(s). Welcome to my entry for the Bloodlines contest. Inspired by a certain real life historical figure, welcome to a dark avenger, a bloodthirsty relic of days long past, seeking to reunite with his lost love, a

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Persona Retrospective-What is Persona?

Alright my fellow Sky Forgers, welcome to my first series based, non build post on the Misc Gaming Corner. Today I'll give you a rundown on one of my favorite JRPG series. This will just cover the basics. Lore articles and whatnot will come later on

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Most awesome gaming moments!

Now, let's face it. When gaming, we either do something, or see something happen, that makes us go "Holy shit!" Well here, my friends, is a space where we can post all these moments of awesomeness and share it with our fellow gamers. As co-host of Mi

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Contest Build: The Ork Freebooter

Greetings and salutations everypony. Welcome to my entry in the Sky Forge's first (and hopefully not last) contest. This build actually started a fair bit before the contest was officially announced, but overall, it fit. Welcome to the tale of an Orc

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An RPG Group?

Now, while Skyrim and to an extent Fallout is a major factor of this site, in my life of gaming, as well as that of you guys, I'm sure there are other RPGs that have captivated us, and become quite popular. Take for instance, the mainstreaming of Atl

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Roleplaying Guide: Hedge Knight

The Hedge Knight once honorbound under a noble or royalty, the Hedge Knight has lost it all. No matter what he did, he has lost his title, his lands, his wealth, everything the made them a Sir or Dame. To Roleplay a Hedge Knight is quite simple, even

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Event Build: The Voidgazer

Greetings and salutations everypony! Welcome to my final non-collab build for Crossworlds 2019! Wanting to buck the stereotypes of Argonian thieves, I’ve decided to harness some lore, a bit of CC content, and the fact I haven’t played an Argonian in

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Roleplay Guide: The Pirate

Hello everypony, RP host Chris Diokno here. I’ve decided to give a bit more back to the group. With that, I’m gonna show you how to RP the thing people love to pit against Ninjas. And no, that isn’t creepy snakelike pedophiles voiced by Steve Blum, i

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Character Build: The Fragomancer

Greetings everypony, to my first Skyrim build in quite awhile, and first surprise build for Crossworlds 3. Inspired by the fact I haven't played a Dunmer in awhile, welcome to….

(Don't worry Phil, sexy fire witches will be cumming along shortly)


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