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Event Build: The Aedric Absorber

Greetings and salutations my fellow Skyrimites, to my latest Skyrim creation! Combining Skyrim’s variant of MMA or Magical Martial Arts as I like to call it, as in unarmed mixed with some spellslinging, the occasional swordplay, and the relatively un

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Character Build: The Chaos Master

Well guys, with this build, I decided to see what kind of madcap creation I could come with, and one that uses the Wooden Sword as one of his mane weapons. Imagine a fusion of Kefka from Final Fantasy and the Joker from Batman, except less murder, an

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Let's talk about Persona

Ah, Persona, what a wonderful little JRPG series. Originally a simple spin off of the wider Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona follows the tales of your character, and your group of friends and allies. In essence, in this world, there are those who c

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Character Build: The Knight-Commander

Hello everypony, to my second Oblivion build! This build was inspired through my hours of playing Mount and Blade Warbands. With that, I have made a build that allows you to control small armies (or as many as you can on Console), and lead them howev

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Which Faction is Morally Correct?

Ah, Fallout, what a slew of factions to meet, and maybe even join. Today, we'll be talking about the main actions of Fallout 4, and whether or not it would be morally correct to deal with them. In the words of Lucio, "Let's break it down!'

The Brothe

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