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Character Build: The Lone Clan Mother

It's been a very long time since I've posted a build. I don't even wanna think how long. Either way, I'm back with a shiny new Khajiit build with tons of lore and roleplay. Check out my profile for the rest of my builds.

Special thank you to Teccam f

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Character Build: The Buoyant Armiger


Much like my Hand of Almalexia build, this is another ancient Dunmer knightly order, but instead of devoted to the Tribunal Goddess of Mercy, they are instead devoted to everyone's favourite self-quoting Warrior-Poet, Vivec. With the usual heavy h

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The Bard's Mod Guide


Howdy y’all, today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the hardest classes to recreate in a plain ol’ vanilla Skyrim, the traditional Bard. Sure, you can throw around Illusion spells and swing a staff, but playing musical instruments? Wearing

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The Necromancer's Mod Guide

Good evening and welcome to this spooky edition of Build a Better, where we compile a list of mods that make playing the traditional cackling Necromancer a little easier, a little more convenient, and, of course, a little more stylish. All the avenue

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Character Build: The Pale Lady

Yo and greetings, people of Character Building! After taking a bit of a sabbatical, I have returned with a build over a year in the making. It's gone through many renditions, but I've always come back to the most undervalued weapon in Skyrim with pos

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Character Build: Shamans of Skyrim


A shaman is a religious leader of a small group of worshippers and is responsible for spiritual healing and protection, offering wisdom and interpreting tenants for their followers. A shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from worship of natur

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Character Build: Divayth Fyr

The third and final installment of my Morrowind edition of “Where Are They Now”, we now turn to Divayth Fyr, a master of… well, everything, really. I’m incredibly surprised no one’s ever tried to make a build about him before. The result of a four mo

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Character Build: The Werelion

It’s been so long since I’ve played a truly evil character. I find it almost therapeutic to become a cackling, torturing fiend of the darkness. Adding in a glass cannon that manages to tank excellently (due to some superior Health Regen) and a rich b

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Character Build: The Mane of Elsweyr

      My first of two entries into the Event, this is a build I've had under my hat for a few months now as I've been mulling over exactly how to execute the uniqueness of the Mane, while trying to do Khajiit lore and history (second best only to the

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Character Build: The Fang of the Dominion

Disclaimer: While a lot of the lore behind this build is real, there is a healthy chunk (such as the Fangs themselves) which is of my own creation, and I blend what is canon and what is my head-canon, as this is the standard character I play with a K

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Character Build: The Incarnate

Update: August 26. Now, more than three years after I first wrote it up, I decided to give the Incarnate a complete overhaul, including mods, better screenshots (not to mention armor) and a far better story than I could've written in 2015.




From se

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Character Build: The Wind of Khenarthi

This build is long overdue for me. I've wanted to create a Wind-themed build because it's possibly the best "false" magic school that can be created, but my discovery of the Wind Destruction Magic Mod only increased that. This was meant to be an entr

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Character Build: The Order of the Lily

Despite having 600+ hours invested in Skyrim, I've never tried three things and this is my attempt at combining Illusion, Two-Handed, and Enchanting with a Divine who is rarely taken seriously. Also, dredging up old factions to play in Skyrim is one

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Character Build: The Squib

Basically, I wanted to create a character who didn't use magic, but one who's inability to use magic defined him as a person and ran through his entire playstyle and life. So, I thought the Squibs and their affliction, from the Harry Potter universe,

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Character Build: The Shadow Legion



Controversial. Corrupt. Powerful. All these describe the mythical squad of elite battlemages known as the Shadow Legion. Balancing a dangerous edge of corruption, the few Imperial Battlemages who train and eventually ascend to the unit seem almo

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Character Build: The Hand of Almalexia




Known as the finest warriors since the days of Resdayn, the Hands were the perfect combination of Dunmeri warriors. Honourable and courageous, they balanced their combat between the bow, the blade, and destructive magics as they defended their

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