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Breaking The Ice

Kill someone. Anyone. Who exactly? It didn’t matter.

Ahkali pondered the nature of her mission as she stared at her chosen target from across the inn. To an outsider, her troubled gaze may have been mistaken for disgust, which of course wasn’t too unu

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Favorite Role in ESO

Know Your Role - Understanding the Holy Trinity in The Elder Scrolls Online  tank, DPS, and Healer - YouTube

Tank/Healer/DPS - the holy trinity of ESO class roles. Then there are hybrids of the three for the more creative players out there. So we ask, which role do you enjoy most?

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Favorite Elder Scrolls Historical Figure

Meet the Character – Abnur Tharn - The Elder Scrolls Online

Many important figures have shaped the history of Tamriel. Today we discuss which one(s) are our favorites and why. There's a front page poll to this topic as well, though bear in mind theres no way one could fit every figure of importance into one

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Which Daedric Prince do you favor?

Daedric Princes | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Its no secret Daedric Princes are a powerful and pivotal force in The Elder Scrolls universe. Those who devote themselves wholly to the will of these powerful beings are often rewarded greatly, or utterly ruined. So the question remains, which Daedr

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What is your favorite ESO class, and why?


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Anyone who's played ESO long enough has likely gravitated towards one class or another. So which class has come away as your favorite, and why? For me its the Nightblade class. In addition to great DPS potential and excellent sustainability, I fin

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The ESO Help Desk

3821187599?profile=RESIZE_710xHere's a place for all your ESO related technical questions. Post any issues you're having with your game here and a more experienced member should be able to help you out!

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How often do you Fast Travel

Image result for skyrim fast travel

You can't actually get around this way in game. I just googled 'Skyrim fast travel' and decided to go with this picture. 


What are your thoughts on Fast Traveling? Do you find yourself using it often, or do you abstain from it entirely for the sak

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