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What have you NOT done in Skyrim?

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Consider the vanilla game for a moment and ask yourself: Have you truly explored all there is to do in Skyrim? Even for as long as I've been playing Skyrim there's still so much I've yet to do. For example, I've yet to set foot inside an Orc strongh

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What is your ESO User ID

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I suppose the best way to kick off our ESO is to have everyone share their user names. With that said here you may post your User ID as well as what system and server you play on. 

I'll start us off

  • @CurseND
  • PC
  • NA Server

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Poll: Writing Events & Contests

Hey everyone. There is a new poll up this week which we'll be using the gauge your interest in writing events and contests. Take the time to cast your vote and share your thoughts on how best to impliment writing events/contests as well as ideas on t

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Show off your characters

Since nobody's thought to do this yet, here's a spot where you can show off your custom characters from any game. To kick things off here's a shot of my Destiny 2 hunter. 


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The Outer Worlds

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Has anyone had a chance to play this game yet? If so I'd like to know your thoughts on it. Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to others? Does it have potential for character building. and if so is it a game you'd like to see receive the same

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Poll: Bloodlines Build Contest

The contest is now over and judging has now begun. It'll be a week before we know who won this build contest, but in the mean time lets hear your opinions! What was your favorite build and why? What stood out to you? What do you think would make for

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WIP Build: The Mesmer

Hello and welcome to my latest character build creation. Many of my previous character builds have been inspired by characters and class concepts seen in other games, and this build is no different. This time I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from the

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Show off your sketches


I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of

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