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Useful Console Commands for Screenshots


For those of you who want to take screenshots of your characters, and have access to a PC (Sorry console guys) here are some helpful console commands for taking screenshots. Feel free to chime in with tips and console commands of your own. This is b

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Who's getting Fallout 76?


New poll up on the front page asking one simple question: Anyone hyped for Fallout 76?

Rumor has it a beta version will be dropping on Xbox1 soon. Now I understand many may have reservations about getting the game, and I'd like to discuss that and

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The Skyrim Character Build Trash Bin

cartoon-trash-008.jpgOne man's trash could be another man's treasure as they say...

So here is a section where you may feel free to dump any unwanted, and unfinished character build idea, which anyone else is free to pick up and try to complete themselves. Its helpful to

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Site Youtube channel

Here is a spot where you can discuss anything related to the site's youtube channel. If you have ideas for content or would like to chip in yourself please dont hesitate to post. My ultimate goal is to help promote this site by having as large a pres

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Site Suggestions Thread

Have a suggestion on how to improve TheSkyForge? If so you’re more than welcome to post about it here. We want to help make this site better for everyone. So please don’t hesitate to offer suggestions right here on how we can accomplish that. 

I’d li

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