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Character Build: The Garlythi

4/6/14 - Hey everyone. I had this build deleted awhile ago and came across it in my saved files. I thought I could revamp the idea but didn't get around to it so I thought I would re-upload it just to have it elsewhere and to keep it among my others.

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Character Build: The Forgotten

Aetherial Crown? Nope. Aetherial Staff? NAY! Every time I see a build (I am guilty of this too) using the crown or staff, I always think "poor shield" and think to make a build based around it. Well, this is that build. As I will explain in the descr

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Character Build: The Fearmonger

Having never really delved into a truly evil build (Mythic Dawn is pretty evil though) that incorporates raising the dead, I wanted to give it a go. I also wanted to give it a go at a "pure" mage build that only wielded distance spells and did 100% n

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Character Build: The Factotum

It has been awhile CB and that is due to a few factors. This character has changed so much that the original idea is gone. It went from a Thaumaturge, to Beguiler, to Shadowmage, and I eventually wanted to see if I could do all of those and more in o

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Character Build: The Dragoon

Well, it's been a little over 3 months after I posted this build and after gaining legendary status (+50 likes) as well as the upcoming release of the Dragonborn DLC, I thought it would be appropriate to revamp this build to make it as efficient, as

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Character Build: The Dervish

After demolishing everything with my Old Orc and loving two handed, I wanted to expand on the skill in a different way and open my new build up to using magic as well. This character is inspired from a class from Guild Wars Nightfall, a game I have p

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Character Build: The Ceya-Tar

This is the final piece of my multi-group post, but this piece is where I feel most comfortable. This character was inspired by a couple aspects that I love: no crafting and lore. Connected to this build are discussions pertaining to the lore of Shad

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Character Build: The Camonna Tong

Tired of being the "good" guy? Tired of the same old dutiful work of the honorable quester in Skyrim? Well you have come to the right place. This build, inspired by heavy Dunmer lore, is in no way a good character. To further break my seemingly unwil

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Character Build: The Buoyant Armiger

The Buoyant Armiger

"I am a Buoyant Armiger, a member of a small military order of the Tribunal Temple exclusively dedicated to and answering to Lord Vivec. We pattern ourselves on lord Vivec's heroic spirit of exploration and adventure, emulating hi

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Character Build: The Ayleid


This character concept was a long term project for me as it was very lore intensive as well as perk/skill intensive. The Ayleids have a good amount of lore written about them (some good, some bad) and it took me a good while to read through it and

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Character Build: The Arbalist

Grixis mentioned I should put a spoiler notice for Dawnguard. ***SPOILERS***

To preface, this is my first build so if anything I can improve upon please do not hesitate to let me know. I am a bit of a history buff and try to make characters as closel

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Character Build: The Apostate

Been awhile, but it feels good to get back to creating. I want to first thank Zimbu yet again for the awesome screenshots to capture the character concept. This character was inspired awhile ago when trying to create a traditional Redguard type, but

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