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Character Build : Tara the tamer



Imagine if Princess Jasmine from the Arabian Nights tale “Aladdin” had known a past at least as dark as the eponymous hero of said tale, that their respective roles were, so to speak, reversed, and you get Tara!




Tara is a beautiful and att

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The Besieger (Conquest Of Skyrim)



To start :

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! And happy new year 2023 to come!

Today I'm going to introduce you to a character that was inspired by a fabulous and revolutionary mod!

By the way, here are the prerequisites to play this character in the best

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Character build : The Orsimer Beastmaster


Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I wanted to exploit the full potential of certain mods aimed at promoting interactions with the animal world of Skyrim.

At the moment, the Beastmaster Orc is the character class I find the most appealing!

A ch

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[Character Build] The Pilgrim's Nightmare

4323336967?profile=RESIZE_710xRecommended mods for this build:

  • Racemenu (it will allow you a lot of madness in terms of character editor)
  • Heart Breaker-
  • Enhanced Blood-
  • Deadly mutilation (beware, this mod has many incompatibilities with certain models of body and armor from other mod

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Character Build : The Warden of the North




Hi everybody,

I have the pleasure to present you a build quite funny where the concern of the RP is of putting.
Be careful though, some mods are highly recommended.



From a purely RP perspective, the northern guardian was once part

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Character build : The Scavenger

Hi all!

Before anything else, I want to warn you that I am French and that my command of the language of Sheakespeare leaves something to be desired. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

While playing TES, I wondered about the most RP way to pl

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