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The Necromancer - Chapter One - The Camp

Three Days Before Last Post


   Rayna and her good friend Rheon had been sent on an ambassadors mission to Rockneck Camp, a place where dozens and dozens of criminals of all kinds gathered in one place to discuss plans that they very carefully kept a

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Character Build: Arch-Mage Shalidor

Hello guys! I wanted to experiment with presentation for this build, just so you know. I wanted to play a sorcerer build, as it is my favorite kind of character to play, but I had already had a build that focused on Destruction, Conjuration, Alterati

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The Necromancer - Meet the Characters



Rayna – The Necromancer – 27 – Human, Female (Main Char.)

Rheon – The Sorcerer – 40 – Human, Male

Nyla – The Summoner – 29 – Elf, Female

Alann – The Psychic – 32 – Elf, Male


Rook – The Ranger – 33 – Human, Male (Major Char.)


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Tip: Safe Storage Houses Across Skyrim

There are, suprisingly, a lot of places to store your items in Skyrim. You can make a mini-home in almost any non-respawning cell, however you obviously will not be able to invite your wife to live there as it is not an 'official' Skyrim home. Here i

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Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Now this is a topic that I have discussed with my fellow author friends from my work, and now I will try to discuss it with you guys.



Do you prefer reading fantasy or non-fantasy?


If you are not sure what these genres are I will define them for you:


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Authors Advice Thread

Having trouble with writing a story? Suffering writers block? Perhaps you are unsure of where to go with your story so far, or want somebody to give you a few tips on how to develop your characters?

You have come to the right place, my friend. If you

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The Necromancer - A Short Introduction

Disclaimer: This story is not set in the TES universe, rather in a world of my own creation. Please tell me if this is not allowed.

Rayna's long, crimson robes swirled around her legs as she marched down the corridor to the Arch-Magi's quarters in the

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TES Discussion - Rank the Races

Hey guys, Blacklight here.

We all have a preference for one or two races in the TES world. I want to know what your top races are and perhaps a brief description of why. Here is my list:


1) Altmer. I love their snobby attitude and also I love magic

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Character Build: Aspect of Hircine

My breath quickened as I chased through the woods after a troll. Stupid creature.

"No use in running," I whispered to myself. "Slow down, idiot beast. I'll have your head either way." My fingers tightened around the end of my arrow as the troll stopp

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Blacklight's Edited Art Gallery

Hello, everyone, as some of you may know I am an absoulotely abysmal artist, however I do know a bit of editing. For my builds, I often will find a cool picture on the Internet and think "hey, that looks cool. I wonder what I could do with that."


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