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Character Build: The Veteran

I've noticed in all of my builds (not to mention almost everyone elses) that you generally stick with 1 melee fighting style (if any) - weapon and shield, dual wield, or two-handed. Inspired by that, this build brings you back to Oblivion and Morrowi

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Character Build: The Tinkerer

This is another one of my old builds from back in 2013. I'd been wanting to do a Dwemer-themed build since Dawnguard's crossbows came out, but there wasn't really enough content - until the release of Dragonborn, that is.


The Tinkerer

Scholar, master o

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Vanilla Skyrim Visual Overhaul Recommendations

Hi all! Looking to potentially get back into playing Skyrim later this year and I was after some suggestions for mods to overhaul the appearance of the vanilla game. I have some fairly chonky specs so I'm hoping to get a standout result!

  • Intel i5 6600

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Character Build: The Aspect Knight

This build idea originally stemmed from wanting to incorporate a large portion of the content from the Dragonborn DLC into a character that didn't just use them for gimmicks. This guy uses many of the new shouts, spells and abilities along with much

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Character Build: The Mabrigash

This is one of my older builds, and one of the first to utilise the Aspect of Terror perk to increase damage dealt with fire spells.


The Mabrigash

A Mabrigash is an Ashlander witch, a renegade wise woman who has forsaken the established rules by becomi

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Morrowind Melee Starter Guide

As some of you will know, the combat systems in Morrowind aren't exactly as intuitive as the later games and it is possible to screw yourself right from character creation. I put together this guide a couple of years ago on a good start for a melee-b

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Character Build: The Thalmor

The closest I’d ever gotten to a pure mage in Oblivion was a heavily armored battlemage with a shield, using touch spells instead of a weapon. At higher levels pretty much everything except for Destruction, Restoration, Heavy Armour and Block fell by

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Character Build: The Soulknife

This build came from 4 things originally - the awesome look of the Vampire armor sets, wanting to make a viable non-stealth dagger only build, the awesome look of the Dragon Priest Dagger, and a build that really utilizes Enchanting and isn't broken

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Character Build: The Prodigy

This build is something of a mashup between the Paladin, Arcane Bladesman and Nightingale Swordsman - 3 of my favorite builds. The result is a fun, fast paced character with plenty of options in and out of combat. I hope you enjoy reading (and even p

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Character Build: The Skystrider



The Skystrider

The Skystrider is a very nimble spellsword, using both her natural dexterity, as well as a plethora of spells, shouts and enchantments to outmaneuovre her foes and ensure she always has the upper hand. While her foes attack with futili

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Character Build: The Nightguard

Something I've been thinking about after Dawnguard is why 95% of Vampires are always the bad guys. What if there was a good Vampire with a bit of a darker side? Wouldn't that be great for RP? The rest of the base mechanics came from some other ideas

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Character Build: The First

This build is based off of the Elder One, the big bad from Dragon Age: Inquisition (a game I would highly recommend to any RPG fan) as part of the Tamriel Vault's old Crossworlds event. I also took this opportunity to fulfill a recurring request on m

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