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Character Build: The Arcane Assassin

The third in my set of Arcane builds originated from the idea of having a stealthy mage build, able to pull off instant kill assassinations while still holding her own as a pure mage of sorts in open combat. This build contains some DLC content; read

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Character Build: The Arcane Marksman

This build idea popped into my head from two things - thinking about what I could do with the Bound Dagger in Dragonborn - maybe some sort of Arcane Assassin - and the look of Ulfric's clothes on women - it looks like something a mage or a ranger wou

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Character Build: The Arcane Bladesman

After realising that with my Paladin that much of my stamina was spent shield-bashing and left not much for power attacks I was wondering how I could still make a build able to defend itself but still deal more damage. This idea came to me after seei

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Guide to Character Building

A character build is more than text on a screen. It has to inspire people to take what you've written - your idea, your concept - and do something with it. That can mean playing it, giving them ideas for their own unique build, or showing a friend.


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Character Build: The Last Dragonborn

There's plenty of builds that use, or even rely on, Shouts, and a number that depict the quintessential Nordic Dragonborn we've seen in Bethesda's promotional material. I wanted to play a character like the Dragonborn foretold in the prophecy and on

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Character Build: The Shaper

Something I've always thought with the vast majority of the werewolf builds is how the beast Form seriously limits the character's power, such as reducing defensive capability through armor/the lack of a shield, limiting damage dealing with powerful

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Character Build: The Nightingale Swordsman

This build came from several converging ideas - the lack of quality Nightingale builds in the group, few assassin-type builds with a truly thrilling playstyle, wanting to explore further in a few concepts touched upon in other builds, and the fact th

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Character Build: The Paladin

This sort of character is who I usually play first in TES games. A great well balanced fighter that I usually experience the main quest, most side quests and Fighters and Mages factions with. A very fun and fast paced playthrough with some frantic sw

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