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Parthinax calls me a priest name

        Ok; I was doing my play through as my dragonpriest krosis. Which is coming along fine by the way. I got to meeting Parthinax and I don’t know if it is a mod  I have somewhere or if he does it in vanilla. He called me by my dragonpriest name o

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How to bring back a dragonpriest

ok Lord and master here, something I’ve been thinking of doing as I am working on several things at once, such as my “lineage” builds, Three tune build, blacksmith build, and of course my Choose your path story on this site. I’ve been thinking of mak

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North Hammer, South Dagger

   The voices, can you hear them? Three Tunes. One; the voice of an ancient Dwemer Architect. He calls himself simply, the architect. Second tune; the voice of a passed member of the order as per tradition. Third tune; reason and logic or balance “ho

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