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A Blast From the Past

While searching for a mod that I deleted long ago, it donned on me that I could look up my entire Nexus mod download history. That walk down memory lane was something else. I cringe at some of the mods I used to run. So what are some of the first mod

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Rigmor of Bruma

I spotted this mod not too long ago on the nexus,  yt I want to get some opinions before I commit to it. How’s the voice acting? Does it conflict with a lot of mods? Is it lore friendly? Is it any fun?

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Non Dragonborn Roleplay.

What are the best ways to play a character who is not a Dragonborn?

My greatest issue is finding things to do outside of the main quest and DLC quest lines. I feel like most quests wrap up too quickly to be worth building a character around. Not only

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