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Jul 20, 2020
Character build: The Mistress of Shadows


A woman clothed in pure black armor waits in in the darkness of a manor in Solitude for her victim to arrive. Her fingers are itching to kill... "Soon" she mumbles softly.

Gender: Female

Race: Breton&Vampire

Equipment: Full set of Nightingale armor

Major skills: Sneak, Illusion, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, One handed

Minor skills: Speech, Alchemy, Smithing

Backstory: The Mistress of Shadows grew up on a small poor farm in High Rock during the 2nd era.

Her father struggled to keep her and her younger sister fed, Her mother sold jewelry trying to help as well but to no avail. Thier farm was owned by a lord, thier lord was a greedy man and unfortunately to the poor family raised taxes to insane rates. When her parents couldn't pay the landlord had a group of four guards sent to the home, when her father tried to explain why they couldn't remotely pay the the guards unsheathed thier swords and decaptiated her mother, father and sister, but they weren't done. They had one more horror for the poor young Mistress of Shadows. They violated her and left laughing, leaving her with her dead family. She ran and never looked back.

Years later she trained to become a assassin and use magic to manipulate the minds of her enemies. She stays completely in shadows, hence her nickname. She was turned after she struck a deal with a Pureblood vampire while in disguise as a traveling merchant, it's said he caught her pickpocketing him but instead of killing her he listened to her story. Intrigued he promised she'll never have to fear anything again and she'll never have to worry about being poor again. Hearing those words she gladly accepted.

Weapons: Ebony blade enchanted with drain health (You can disenchant the blade of woe for this weapon)& Harkon's sword.

Perks: Stealth 5/5-shadow warrior&assassin's blade, Pickpocket 5/5, Alchemy, alchemist 5/5 up to poisoner, illusion take everything except master illusion(Make sure to get Invisibly). One handed: Armsman 5/5 up to Savage strike.

Factions: Dark brotherhood, Thieves guild, College of Winterhold, Volikhar clan.

Religion: Noctournal

Qoute: "you think the shadows are your friend? Ha! I lived in them."

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  • Hey! So I love the title and would love to see this as a fully posted build. What you wanna do is:

    1) Go to the Character Building Group (join and follow while you are there!)
    2) Make a new post by hitting “+Add Discussion”
    3) Put all of your post in there and hit save and publish.

    You can also ask any questions or PM me if you need a hand.
    • Thank you! I'm new to this site and didn't know how to post it.

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