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Character Build: The Warden

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to character building, but I've been following the archives and groups for a long time, on Skyforge, and on TamrielVault before that. I play on Xbox One, but hopefully soon, I'll be able to upgrade to PC in time for the next game in the series. For now, I have a character backstory and build I've been working on for some time, and I was wondering if anyone might be interested in collaborating with me. I want to create an ordinator build for an ESO-style Warden, but more, I want to create new lore for the class itself. It has always fallen to the audience to build upon pre-existing lore, or in some cases fill in the gaps, to justify the actions, origins, and skillsets of player characters. For example, there is not a single witchunter NPC in skyrim, but it's one of the most popular playstyles, and so people find their own unique ways to roleplay it. When I saw the Warden introduced in the ESO Morrowind expanion trailer, I knew that I wanted to create a character build that would not only emulate the trailer character's abilities, but also explain where and how he, or anyone else in that world, might've learned to wield a blade, command magic, and tame beasts. If you would like to work with me, hit me up.

Hail Sithis.

P.S. I apologize in advance if I'm not posting in the correct area or using the tag system correctly. If edits are required, plase let me know. 

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  • Howdy FrozenSoul and sorry it's take a while for anyone to reply! 

    First, it's fine to place a request like this in general discussion, no worries. I would suggest changing the title of the post; that's the labeling used on the site to convey a completed build, so it will be confusing to most people. I didn't see what tags you used, but if they are tags we use to label character builds, probably best not to use them. It's not a problem, though, so don't worry about it. It's all good. You're all good! We're good.

    Second--just being very honest here, but you may find difficulty finding a "co-builder" since you are a new member of the community. Not because people aren't friendly around here, it's a great community--it's just that character building takes a long time, collaborating is an involved process and people will just generally be reluctant to jump into it with someone they don't know. HOWEVER, we are all willing to help, a couple of suggestions: 

    a) Start a post in the WIP Character Build section. That's where people workshop their ideas. I would use that space for actual components of a build you want to test out--backstory, perk choices, standing stone/race/attributes/gear, etc.

    b) Come join the discord if you haven't already! It is a very active discord community, lots of people will be happy to jump in with ideas. Standing Discord invite is on the home page.

    Third--I can just offer a few suggestions, I've been playing ESO since beta.

    Animals: Enai's mods offer a complete package to let you build a warden. Ordinator has perks for taming animals, and Apocalypse has spells to summon and tame beasts also. Andromeda standing stones gives you the Lady Stone with a lunar familiar summon; Wintersun religion mod gives you Kynareth and a saber cat mount; Imperious racials gives you wood elves with a falcon-like familiar that marks hunting targets. Possibilities are massive!

    Frost: pretty much any spell mod. Apocalypse has great frost spells, and Enai is launching Odin, his new V+ spell mod, any day now, which also has some great frost magic. Not sure I've seen a lot of good defensive frost magic...SimonMagus' mysticism has elemental protection spells you could try.

    Nature/Healing: More Enai--Triumvirate would be a great place to look here. It has spell packages for both Druid and Shaman character types, both packages have a bunch of nature-themed spells, many of them healing oriented.

    As far as backstory--come to the Discord and ask people, it would be a good conversation. There is not a lot of lore behind character classes in TES, they are more archetypes than they are historical entities. But as a starting point, I imagine that if you take a tribe/clan of wood elves, who came to icy Skyrim 100 years ago for some reason, that would be a good place to start!

    Anyway, good luck, if you want support for your first build you will definitely get it here. We'll encourage you to do your first build yourself but plenty of people will be happy to provide feedback and ideas.

  • I couldn't find this while I was writing my (overly long) reply, but one of our community members wrote a very cool mod for summonable pets--its largely built around ESO pets. I don't think these have powers yet, or if they will, but they are very cool looking for RP at a minimum!


    (Edit: whoops, sorry, you said you were not on PC. Sorry!)

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