By the order of the Jarl, you will adhere to these rules or face the Jarl's justice...

We ask everyone who participates in this community to follow our laws and treat their fellow members with respect. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions outlined below.


1. Do not spam this site. Anything flagged as spam will be deleted immediately and without warning. The offending party will be warned and continued offenses will result in permanent suspension.

2. Do not waste our time by trolling this community. Break this law and you will be dealt with swiftly, severely, and without warning.

3. Be respectful. Act like an adult, for we do not suffer the antics of children within these halls. Active, intentional and repeated attempts to disrespect, antagonize, or another member, host, or admin will be met with a permanent suspension.

4. Do not derail discussions with 'off topic' banter or divert the thread onto other unrelated subjects. We try to be fairly relaxed about this but will give out a warning if we feel its becoming excessive. Continuing to violate this rule after being warned will result in permanent suspension. 

5. Swearing is permitted. Excessive swearing with the intent to disparage your fellow member(s) will be met with a swift and sudden permanent suspension.

7. By order of the Jarl, all discussions related to real life politics, sex, race, religious belief, or other controversial political topics are forbidden. Such topics and posts will be deleted without warning and the offending party will be warned. Continued violation of this rule will result in a permanent suspension.