First thing's first. Welcome to the Skyforge!

This group is our site's welcome center and serves as a place for new members to introduce themselves to the public. So don't be shy. Simply post a reply in the Welcome Thread and tell us a little about yourself. 


The Welcome Center also serves as an orientation guide, helping new members get better acquainted with the many groups housed within the Sky Forge. You'll find a good summary of what each group is about down below. 


- Community Groups - 

Skyrim Character Building - This is the place to post those awesome Skyrim build ideas you've been dying to share. You can also browse through our growing categorized archive of other community build creations. 

Fallout Character Building - You guessed it. This is the place to post your character builds for any Fallout game. 

Modding - The Mod group is the place to discuss anything related to mods for any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. 

Roleplaying - Our Roleplaying group is the place to share your roleplay experience as any Fallout or Elder Scrolls original character of your creation. Here you can discuss details regarding your character at great length and view other community submissions. 

Story Corner - Here you can post any Fallout or Elder Scrolls related fan fiction story. If you're more of a reader than a writer, you can browse through stories submitted by other members, or even seek advice if you're an aspiring writer.

The Lore Group - The Lore Group is the place to discuss Elder Scrolls or Fallout Lore. Stick around and you might learn something new. 

General Discussion - The place to discuss virtually anything. 

Sky's Haven RPG - This is our live role-playing group. Sky's Haven is the group for avid role-players who don't just play their character but become their character and interact as they would with other live role-players. Sky's Haven is set decades after the events of the civil war and blends Elder Scrolls lore and D&D mechanics in new and exciting ways. 


No good community can exist without a foundation built on strict but fair rules. Check out the link below to view our community rules. 

Site Rules

Lastly, if you have any burning questions that you feel we have not adequately answered, use the link below to post a discussion and ask us. Don't be hesitant. There's no such thing as a dumb question and we want nothing more than to help get you situated within our community. 


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The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here bites....at least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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