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Skylivion - Teaser Trailer

Hey guys, the TESRenewal team have recently made a teaser trailer for Skylivion - recreating/using Skyrim’s engine and porting Oblivion to it. I personally am amazed at the level of detail that they’ve done so far in the Teaser Trailer. What’s your thoughts on it so far?

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Oblivion: Weapons 101, Chapter two: Longswords

So, Longswords. They´re the most extensive of the weapon cathegories, including 6 artifacts (base game, 1 extra in KOTN and SI each) as well as cutlasses and (one handed)katanas.      There might be some confusin here as to what qualifies as a long sword, as some of the weapons in this cathegory are visually the same length as some shortswords in the game the Debaser for example is almost the same length as Chillrend, however one is a longsword and the other a shortsword.  What makes a weapon a…

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Elder Scrolls Classics - Archives

Welcome to the Elder Scrolls Classics Archives! The ESC Archives holds tags used for anything from Character Builds based around the Classics - such as Oblivion, Morrowind and even Redguard - to discussions from news updates about Skywind. When creating a Build or even a discussion, use the tags below - within reason - to help with archiving and allowing members, both new and old, to find them with ease. Tagging a discussion in the Elder Scrolls Classics Group is pretty much the exact same for…

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Skywind - Call of the East Trailer

Hey guys! The TESRenewal team have launched a new trailer showing the work they've done so far, including Levitation, Balmora, casting spells and last but certainly not least - Cliffracers. I highly recommend you check it out, you can check it out from here: Also, with the launch of the new trailer, they have also made a few more announcements, which are: -They have fully ported Skywind to Special Edition - this is due to SE being more stable and to help take advantage of the SE engine to…

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