Sexy Khajiit liked Sexy Khajiit's photo in Art & Photos
Jul 17
Sexy Khajiit commented on Fimvul, the Psijic Loremaster's photo in Art & Photos
"Looks really nice. I like it"
Jul 17
Sexy Khajiit posted a photo in Art & Photos
A Stormcloak Banner in all its glory 
Jul 17
Sexy Khajiit replied to Sexy Khajiit's discussion Character Build: The Jedi in Skyrim Character Building
"Well Usely I just kill all enemies the same way. Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab or whatever. But I will need these Mods:
Mod that adds The Force 
Mod that adds a Lightsaber 
And lastly a Mod that adds Jedi Robes "
Jul 17
Sexy Khajiit posted a discussion in Skyrim Character Building
This Build relies heavily on Mods, mainly Star Wars onesName: Shasa Race: Breton (In Game, in Star Wars Bretons don't exist)Gender: Female Age: 24 Homeworld: CoruscantReligion: The ForceFactions:Dawnguard: Vampires are corrupted by the Dark Side Col…
Jul 16
Sexy Khajiit replied to Curse's discussion The Welcome Thread in The Welcome Center
"Hi I'm Sexy Khajiit and I'm in to Elder Scrolls (obviously) Star Wars, Middle Earth and of course things/people that are Sexy
Khajiit are my favourite race "
Jul 16

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