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Favorite Elder Scrolls Historical Figure

Meet the Character – Abnur Tharn - The Elder Scrolls Online

Many important figures have shaped the history of Tamriel. Today we discuss which one(s) are our favorites and why. There's a front page poll to this topic as well, though bear in mind theres no way one could fit every figure of importance into one poll. So if you dont see your favorite up there be sure to mention them here.

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  • Hmm, tough question. Aside from Zurin, what little we know of him, there are so many choices

  • I really like Ysmir Wulfharth. He's just got such a Norse legend aura about him. The devs did a good job of capturing that vague and almost wacky quality of Norse lore with the stuff surrounding him, with talking storms and whatnot.

    • Yeah, true. Hmm, like Pelinal. Like, he is, in essence, the quintiseential mythological hero. Powerful, demigod, doesn't give a shit about much, kills a lot of people, and he was, in part, based off Gilgamesh and the Terminator. 

  • Morian Zenas! Super powerful conjurer and mage that basically made it his life's work to travel to various realms of Oblivion to study them. He apparently ended up stuck in Apocrypha but I guess he got what he wanted - knowledge.

  • No one comes close to Saint Alessia for me. I had no clue who or what she was until I read this one build posted way back and it completely changed my perspective of her. It eventually led me to request her for my Secret Santa build event and it was great seeing another build of her. I highly recommend reading up on her if you're interested in ES lore.

  • This one is easy for me, Sotha Sil. A person who rose to godhood, or simulated godhood, on the strength of a mind so far ahead of the rest of the world. He saw the real world the way that Neo sees the Matrix--it just opened up to his brain and he could manipulate it nearly at will, building cities in pocket dimensions, opening up communication with the Daedric princes...in all of lore he has no equal. MAYBE Kagrenac, but not even there I don't think--Kagrenac was MERELY a peerless scientist, Sotha Sil transcended the people of Nirn to a much greater extent.

  • Pelinal, because he's just a mix of so much things that it's hard to wrap your head around it all:

    Cyborg battlemage madman from the future, the crystal from the Amulet of Kings in his torso, "Reman" and of course the big knife-ears genocide.


    Watch that once every day at least for good luck.


  • We havent done a new poll in a while. Forgive me, new ideas for questions have escaped me as of late. It looks like Mannimarco has come out on top as the community's favorite TES historical figure. 

  • Tiber Septim, He Concord all of Tamriel and was rewarded with Godhood

  • High Elves are pretty high up there with being my favorite race, but Topal the Pilot I think is a pretty underrated one.  Him and Camaron thr Usurper.

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