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Persona Retrospective-What is Persona?

Alright my fellow Sky Forgers, welcome to my first series based, non build post on the Misc Gaming Corner. Today I'll give you a rundown on one of my favorite JRPG series. This will just cover the basics. Lore articles and whatnot will come later on down the road. Alright, let's get ready to cause some mass destruction, reach out for the truth of what the series is, and see if it steals your hearts?What is Persona?Before I get into lore and whatnot, what is Persona? To put it simply, it is a…

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What Inspires you When Playing a Character?

More or less what the title says. What do you guys take inspiration from when playing or developing a character. What influences your decisions when making choices for your character? It doesn't just have to be Skyrim or Fallout either, anything goes. Got some unique things you've put into a Mass Effect, Witcher or Assassin's Creed playthrough? I'd like to hear em! For me I tend to try and build a character around a specific inspiration or theme. I've taken inspiration from books, history, tv,…

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23 Replies · Reply by Curse Oct 2

Community Minecraft Building Project: Whiterun Reforged

Minecraft: Community Building Project WHITERUN REFORGED Hail, adventurers! Pixel here with a very interesting idea that I'm really gonna try to get to take off. This idea came from the fact that a lot of us have a vision for what Skyrim might have been. We all love the game, of course, but one has to admit its cities can sometimes be a little ... uninspiring. They look like tiny towns rather than cities. Now, many talented modders have worked on building them up, but not all of use are…

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10 Replies · Reply by Pixel Aug 2

Most awesome gaming moments!

Now, let's face it. When gaming, we either do something, or see something happen, that makes us go "Holy shit!" Well here, my friends, is a space where we can post all these moments of awesomeness and share it with our fellow gamers. As co-host of Misc, and creator of this, I'll start with a duo:1. Alrighty then, this was quite a holy shit moment for me. This was in Destiny 2. To get my daily Powerful Gear, I decided to pop into a match of Crucible. It was Control, and I go to take point B. I…

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8 Replies · Reply by Wasteland_Warrior Jul 28

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