Hello! I am Pixel, host of the Story Corner here on the Skyforge. I've always enjoyed playing Skyrim, but what I really enjoy is making content for the game, particularly builds and stories.

Here is a list of Skyrim Character Builds:

General Builds

The Stormlord

The Dark Druid

FudgeMuppet Re(re)masters

The Arcane Warrior

The Paladin

The Count

For Honor Builds

The Warden

The Raider

The Kensei

Holiday Builds

The Scarecrow

The Ghost of New Life

I also have a YouTube Channel called the Pixel Arrow Productions where I upload more Skyrim content including Build Videos and Lets Plays. 

And here is the list of all of my stories so far on the Forge:


The Elder Scrolls Chronicles - A Short Tale Collection

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Oct 13
Pixel replied to Kendrix Trixie's discussion The Beginner's Basic Modding Guide to Skyrim SE in Modding
"Damn this looks like it took you forever. Very kind of you to take the time to make it!"
Aug 8
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Aug 8
Pixel replied to Pixel's discussion Character Build: The Arcane Warrior in Skyrim Character Building
"Thanks bro glad you enjoyed it!"
Aug 8
Pixel replied to Saronis's discussion Character Build: The Lone Wolf in Skyrim Character Building
"Awesome build Soronis! Well, awsome except for one thing. One massive mistake that basically destroyed this entire build for me. It was gonna be a 10/10, but it's actually gonna have to be a 1/10 after this because I'm feeling generous.
In your…"
Jul 23
Pixel replied to Curse's discussion The Welcome Thread in The Welcome Center
"Welcome! Thanks for joining us. The Lamp Descendant is a phenominal start to the community, I'm glad to hear we were putting our best foot forward when you found us because that build is one of the highest quality we have to offer. Really great…"
Jul 23
Pixel left a comment for K0132
"Welcome to the community m8! Glad to have you here with us."
Jul 23
Pixel replied to Teccam's discussion Character Build: The Dancer of the Two Moons in Skyrim Character Building
"Used them in my video showcase of this build. Here you are my friend:
Jul 23
Pixel replied to Furrion 17's discussion Character Build: The Infernal Huntress (Ordinator) in Skyrim Character Building
"Any reason in particular you havent?"
Jul 23
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Jul 20
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Jul 20
Pixel replied to JustAnotherYeti's discussion Can I Finally Beat Skyrim? (My Ultimate Playthrough)
"Hey man, this sounds like a fun idea. Welcome to the forge, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!"
Jul 20
Pixel liked JustAnotherYeti's discussion Can I Finally Beat Skyrim? (My Ultimate Playthrough)
Jul 20
Pixel replied to Curse's discussion Favorite Elder Scrolls Historical Figure
"I really like Ysmir Wulfharth. He's just got such a Norse legend aura about him. The devs did a good job of capturing that vague and almost wacky quality of Norse lore with the stuff surrounding him, with talking storms and whatnot."
Jul 20
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"Welcome to the forge"
Jul 19
Pixel replied to Sexy Khajiit from the USSR's discussion Character Build: The Jedi in Skyrim Character Building
"Hey man, welcome to the Skyforge! Glad you could join us and are interested in entering the Building scene here on the Forge.
This is an interesting concept, Crossworlds is a cool way to get into building. However, as Chris already pointed out, if…"
Jul 17

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  • Greetings, sera. Welcome to the Sky Forge.  Good to see you made it on well. 

  • Welcome to the Skyforge, Pixel. Don’t forget to follow groups and discussions you’re interested in so you don’t miss out! If you’re not sure where to start, you can head over to The Welcome Center and begin by introducing yourself.

  • Hey pixel welcome to the Sky forge. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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How did you find this community?

Through the Skyrim Guards Discord community.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Skyrim, Oblivion, Online

What Fallout games have you played?

4 ad 76

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

What are you saying? Of course I don't!


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