Skyrim Builds:

  • The Insurgent - My entry for the Secret Santa event, requested by Chris Diokno with the criteria of Heavy Armored Assassin (Greatsword). The build is a mix between an assassin and a heavily armored warrior who wields a greatsword based off of Tatsumi from the anime Akame ga Kill!


More to come in the future!

Aysleph replied to Curse's discussion The Character Building Help Desk in Skyrim Character Building
"What build would you recommend for completing every achievement?"
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Apr 11
Aysleph replied to Curse's discussion Character Build: The Brute in Skyrim Character Building
"I would love to see a gameplay video of this build"
Mar 31
Aysleph replied to Ben C's discussion The Speech Skill's Greatness in Skyrim Character Building
"I am guilty of abusing quicksaves on every pickpocket character I play, but next time I think I'll give speech a go. I never bothered with the right branch because I thought those perks were useless."
Feb 24
Aysleph replied to Ben C's discussion Secret of Arcana in Detail in Skyrim Character Building
"I could see this being a very useful power on Elysium's Squib"
Feb 24
Aysleph replied to Curse's discussion Don't Waste Your Breath - A Guide on Stamina Conservation in Skyrim Character Building
"Seems like Become Ethereal is very handy for conserving stamina."
Feb 24
Aysleph replied to Pixel's discussion What Build are you Proudest of?
"Hm, interesting. I’ve always believed your Paladin to be the best and my favorite."
Feb 23
Aysleph replied to Aysleph's discussion Character Build: The Insurgent in Skyrim Character Building
"Slightly modified the layout of the build, nothing major. Let me know what you think!"
Feb 22

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  • Yep! Patamon. Digimon was a good chunk of my childhood, friend. :D

  • I hoped I'd be a bit more anonymous, changing both name and avatar...
  • I wrote to you on the chat, if you're interested (does it even work though?)
  • Have you watched "Ordinal Scale" Aysleph?
  • "November 1, 2017 at 9:24pm
    Hey Cannon, hows it going?"

    Keeping rather busy now, but going on vacation next week, so I think it'll somewhat even out.
    How 'bout you?
  • Thats quite the fearsome profile pic. It must strike fear into all your enemies.
  • I don't feel like changing it, it's a lot of work

  • Aysleph when are you changing your profile pic. Its strange at this point
  • I'm usually in a rush or quickly skimming through the site so I don't say much unless I know what I want to say.

  • Thanks! He's my current lrp character atm :D Yours is dope as well!
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