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I made a mod for Oblivion

So, I made a mod for Oblivion. A very simple one, adding working (blessing-bestowing) altars to the Temple of the One in the Imperial City. It's the only city temple in the game that didn't have those things, so it always stuck out to me like a sore thumb. After getting Oblivion for PC recently, I decided to fix this inconsistency. It was easy work, though tedious. I even managed to have them break when the temple gets destroyed (which was actually a lot easier to do than I thought). If anyone…

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3 Replies · Reply by Cannon Jul 25, 2022

The Beginner's Basic Modding Guide to Skyrim SE

The Beginner’s Basic Modding Guide to Skyrim on PCHey y’all! Kendrix here with hopefully something helpful!I remember when I got my first PC and tried modding Skyrim. There were so many mods out there and I honestly had no clue where to begin. This talk of “load order” and “organizers”, “archives” and “files”, really made me nervous and overwhelmed. It’s a daunting experience at first, but I promise it’s much easier than it appears and the results are well worth the hassle.Today, I’m going to…

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2 Replies · Reply by Curse Aug 8, 2020

If you were disappointed for the lack of vampire bloodlines in Skyrim check this out

    Hey there Skyforgers I'm here today to bring something I've been waiting for many years. For all of you who love the lore behind the vampirism, the bloodlines and different clans of bloodsuckers I present to you the Sanguinaire mod, only for Special Edition. This is a wip mod willing to bring to Skyrim each bloodline known in the lore, with their unique traits, hunger and ranks systems, appearances, weaknesses, strengths and clan progenitors. Somo of these clans work as new guilds to join…

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1 Reply · Reply by Curse Jun 9, 2020

Requiem: Frequently Asked Questions

Aight homies, so I've been wanting to start a Requiem discussion for some time now, but I didn't really want to make an in-depth guide or anything, because that's more work than I really want to do. However, I thought it might be helpful if I compiled answers to some of the most common questions I hear about the mod from people who have never played it. This isn't driven by numbers or anything, just questions I can remember answering from curious new players most frequently. So I'll list some…

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2 Replies · Reply by SirFloopy Jul 8, 2020

A Guide to Enairim shrines and locations

Furrion's guide to EnairimHey guys, I've decided to make a handy guide of refrence to some of the locations added in by some of Enaisaion's mods. The aim here is to have easily accessible point of refrence for all of those hard to find shrines and pillars. The list is far from complete and I intend to add more in over time. But if you guys know of any that are not on the list drop them in the comments section and I will happily add it in to the list and credit you for your help. Thunder child…

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6 Replies · Reply by ScionofLamae95 May 18, 2022

Vortex Help with Skyrim Special Edition

I am really struggling to use Vortex correctly with loading mods in Skyrim Special Edition.  I have watched videos and searched through discussions, but I am getting nowhere, and I am now extremely frustrated, so I am hoping that someone here can help.  I have a number of mods which I have successfully installed, but some of them do not appear as plugins.  Some of them which do not appear as plugins (two of the vampire mods) are also not working in game, while the Breton facial mod is working…

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1 Reply · Reply by Curse Nov 17, 2019

Vanilla Skyrim Visual Overhaul Recommendations

Hi all! Looking to potentially get back into playing Skyrim later this year and I was after some suggestions for mods to overhaul the appearance of the vanilla game. I have some fairly chonky specs so I'm hoping to get a standout result!Intel i5 6600k CPU16GB of DDR4 RAM @2133MHzNVIDIA GTX1070 8GB

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7 Replies · Reply by Ponty Nov 17, 2019

The Werewolf's Modding Guide

Hello all! Tae-Rai here with another mod feature for you! For those who do not know, we select the top twenty mods in a themed set-up to showcase and give them some attention. This fortnight's top twenty mods will be for... Do you feel the beast inside you? Do you feel the animal straining to be let out? We've all played a werewolf at one point, whether a primal freak of nature or a controlled killing machine. While they were very bland in vanilla Skyrim, the Dawnguard DLC spiced them up…

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New Creation Club Content and Sale

https://bethesda.net/en/article/5jWjY2Fd0OMOT9LeysQ2Hu/creation-club-anniversary-sale- New Shivering Isle themed dungeon and quest and  new daedra added to the workd- sunken pirate ship delve - Cyrus armor and weapon- new Nordic player home in the Reach- grey cowl of nocturnal quest  This new content looks pretty exciting, do you think I should get it? What are your thoughts on the sale and CC content in general?

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4 Replies · Reply by Curse Sep 2, 2019

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  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a none magical 2 handed staff mod. If anyone has come accross 1, please let me know.
  • Would anybody whos good at Load Orders please give me a DM, ive been playtesting a build and my files all became corrupted and the game crashes nom stop. I do have a lot of mods, and i use an Xbox One, but my friend uses the exact same load order with no issues, and the YouTube video I copied it from also said it shouldnt have issues. I did add a couple of my own additions, so i dont know If some mods are conflicting or
    • I’ll see what I can do
  • Does anyone know any good ps4 mods thanks
  • Hello
  • Does anyone have experience using the creation kit?There's a minor tweak I'd like to apply to a spell.
    • What's the tweak? In my experience TES5Edit would be superior.
    • I was hoping to give circle of protection a gradual healing effect exactly like guardian circle
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