For talented artists, skilled photographers, and anyone who appreciates the efforts of both, here is a place to share and/or appreciate Elder Scrolls/Fallout creative works. 

Anything you've drawn, photomanipulated or taken a photo of can be shared here. 


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A Call for Artists!

A call for those of you who wish to turn your hobby into a source of income! It is everyone’s dream to do what they love as a living, and for many artists, this dream has become a reality. Especially among the RPG community, the demand for custom…

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Screenshot & Art Request Thread

For those that are in need of all things art, this is a thread where you can reach out for help. Just drop a comment and if someone is available, you can PM them with further details. Feel free to ask for things such as screenshots, perkspreads,…

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What Inspires Your Art?

Being creative is tasking. Where physical tasks strain our muscles, creative ones stress the mind. To prevent burnout, creators must consume experiences and media, all of which lends itself to developing one’s skill. Furthermore, creation of any…

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Meli's Elder Scrolls Art

Occasionally I draw characters, items, scenes inspired by The Elder Scrolls games, mostly Skyrim, but now ESO as well and the odd one from Oblivion.Dorcas-Anya Geonette (born 2E552)Vestige, templer, crafter, murder investigator, friend to High King…

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  • Hey all, just a quick update to say that I am a new Host of the Art Group. Message me any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as I can. There is a thread for art help, but feel free to directly message me on that matter as well, and I will see what I can do.
  • Hey guys, just wanted to say that I will be a (Co) Host now on the Art Group, if you have any questions let me know and I'll try to help
    • I'm the other host. I'm also here to help.
  • Wow this is new.
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