What Inspires Your Art?

Being creative is tasking. Where physical tasks strain our muscles, creative ones stress the mind. To prevent burnout, creators must consume experiences and media, all of which lends itself to developing one’s skill. Furthermore, creation of any type can be considered art; writing, drawing, painting, metalcraft, 3D modeling, singing, and photography are just a few examples. With this consideration I ask: What inspires your art? I assume it is safe to say that each one of us is at least somewhat inspired by the games we play, but what other activities drive you to create?

I’ll start – I adore the occult and metaphysics. This is less so a belief in such things than just pure fascination with the unknown. As such, I try to work these topics into my art in subtle ways. I also like designing characters off a singular subject, as I did with Regulus, who is based fully themed after Alchemy, particularly the Philosopher’s Stone.



This majestic artwork was done by Tyler Donnelly, who can be found as @penxink on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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  • In the past when I lacked the ability and means to produce decent screenshots my inspiration, or more accurately reason, for taking to art was to bring my characters to life. Granted the artwork has never been all that great when compared to the professionally crafted art piecess one can easily find online - but it does bring a personal touch to my builds others in the community seem to appreciate. And so the tradition continues.  

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