Screenshot & Art Request Thread

For those that are in need of all things art, this is a thread where you can reach out for help. Just drop a comment and if someone is available, you can PM them with further details. Feel free to ask for things such as screenshots, perkspreads, personal artworks, character portraits, banners, or text headers. You can even ask for assistance gathering images for your next Character Build, Story, Lore Discussion, or whatever you plan to create.


NOTE: Some requests may be out of reach for members to fulfill whether its due to time constraints or artistic talents. In such instances, please be respectful and understand the situation. You can try asking for assistance again at a later time and a member may be available.  

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    • Same here! I may not be artistically talented, but I can definitely look through Pinterest for some images should anyone need help.

  • I’ve been working on something for a while now but I haven’t been able to find any images that really resonate with what I’m working with. If anybody can help me find images, I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking for a cover photo, think something like Curse’s artwork but I don’t expect it to be spot on. My character wears black robes with black boots and Gauntlets. The boots and Gauntlets are heavy armor but whatever looks good will work. He doesn’t wear a hood but if you find something that looks good, don’t worry too much about having a hood. I’ve been looking for a few weeks now, but haven’t been able to find anything satisfactory. The character is a male Breton btw.
    • I forgot all about this thread. I'll be in the look out for images.
  • Hey all, is anyone available for requests? I need a perk spread, equipment spread, about two screenshots, and maybe a character drawing, like the ones Curse uses for some of his builds. I'd do that bit for myself except A. I can't draw for shit and B. I don't have any programs to draw with, or at least not without spending ages on it

    • I won't promise you a drawing since I don't have that kind of time on my hands, but I can help you with the Perk and equipment spreads.

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