Now let's start with something familiar...with a twist! As a new host of the art group alongside Erinoth, I want to begin by encouraging those who are of all art levels to give me your best shots at drawing your chosen original characters and various builds. I myself absolutely love drawing my own TES characters, and putting them into...well, sometimes unfortunate situations just for the funsies, but now, it is time to get just a little more...organized. If you wish, do reply to this forum with a complete, fully-colored image of your characters, in your own art styles. Try experimenting with different techniques to see what fits best for you! I could call this a challenge of some kind, but I want to make it fun at the same time, encompassing all sorts of skill levels at the same time, therefore, it won't be a contest (for now). Don't worry, and don't be nervous! We won't be judging whose is better than whose. For those who are just starting, that's completely alright! Take it as a learning experience, if you will. Constructive criticism is welcomed on all accounts.

Post away, and enjoy! 

Word of advice: Both digital and traditional pictures are accepted. Digital is generally preferred because it gives you more options and tools to draw your characters with, but if you have access to only traditional means of drawing, make sure it is a clear picture with decent lighting. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Concept Art by Jeremy Fenske | Concept ...

Courtesy of Jeremy Fenske, the concept artist of ESO. Artwork can be found here:

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  • 4431710599?profile=RESIZE_930xI made this of my eso character recently. Trying to get better at cell shading. Might recolor this again in the future as Im not entirely happy with it. 

    • Very nice. She is quite menacing and I would definitely not like to end up crossing her. I for one like the colors. Adds to the ominous tone.

  • 4592527290?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Amelia Withermore, a sorceress that I have made for DnD, but plan on recreating in ESO. Pretty happy with how this one came out, Although I will definitely work more on shading and rendering, which is my weakest area.

    • Looks really nice! I love the whimsical style of your work. Shading and rendering are my weakest areas too. 

      • Thank you. I have been experimenting with applying styles from media like Star vs. the Forces of Evil and The Owl House, so I am glad that I was successfully able to embody the whimsical high fantasy tones present in those shows. I am definitely enjoying working with this style.

  • 4786770270?profile=RESIZE_930x

    I ended up giving her design an overhaul. I think this design is far superior, And the colors work much better together.

    • I agree that does look much better. 

    • Oh nice!

  • Ok so I decided to redo the line art of my eso toon and not embarass myself this time XD. This time I put a lot more detail into the line art and didnt totally botch the hands. 4829325885?profile=RESIZE_930x

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