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Hello and welcome! Unlike the other areas of the site, the Roleplayer's Corner doesn't have a lot of rule or regulations - But that is to say we have none! Follow these guidelines and everything will be fab!

1. Post only your own work!
Easy enough to understand, just make sure the profile/guide/discussion you are posting is your own work. No one likes a thief!

2. No post-by-post or in-forum RP
In order to avoid cluttering the activity feed, please refrain from post-by-post roleplay in this group. The space for post-by-post roleplay can be found in our Live Roleplaying Group.

3. Use the proper prefixs
There is nothing more annoying then clicking on a cool profile only to discover it;s for the wrong game! With both Fallout, TES and many other games mixed in to this forum, using the proper prefix is the best way to make sure this corner stays organised!

For easier navigation please tag your work as followed:

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:Featured Discussions: 

Roleplay Help Desk -- Head over here to post your questions and concerns about how to improve your in-game or headcanon character's information, personality and overall character concept.

Character Snapshots -- So, you want to tell the world about your awesome character, but you want to keep it short and sweet. If this describes you then Character Snapshots is perfect for you. Here you can catch a brief snapshot of other people's characters and even write and share your own. 

Roleplay Guides -- Whether you wish to assume the role of a courageous hero, a remorseless villain, or something in between, these role-play guides will help set you on the right path. These are a must read for anyone looking to fully immerse themselves in their character.


:Roleplayer's Resources:

The Hitman's Hideout -

For all those unsavory killers, ruthless mercenaries, bloody assassins, and rough bounty hunters, the Hitman's Hideout contains a selection of targets for you to ply your trade on.

- The Templar's Chapel -

For the priests, templars and paladins of the Nine Divines, the Templar's Chapel provides missions from each of the nine to help you in your path to enlightenment.

- The Scholar's Archive -

For the lore-seekers, scholars, librarians and seekers of archaic knowledge, the Scholar's Archive serves as a hub for obtaining lost knowledge for the College of Winterhold.

- The Guardsman's Barracks -

For those in Skyrim with a strong arm and a stronger will, and a desire to serve the province, the Guardsman's Barracks sends elite guards to the nine holds to do what other guards cannot.

- The Legionnaire's Castrum -

For those men and women loyal to the Empire and wish to serve its cause, the Legionnaire's Castrum is the go-to resource for carrying out missions and battling against the Stormcloak menace.


Happy adventuring!
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Profile: Hasir, Family, Friends and Enemies

Here is a guide to my main character in Call of the Wolf and his family, friends and enemies.Name: HasirSex: MaleRace: ArgonianAge: 21Alignment: Chaotic goodAppearance: His head is adorned with a black leaf-like haircut behind two small bone spikes. He has blue eyes. He also has three horizontal scars over his left eye from a werewolf attack. He has dark green scaly body with dark green spines along his body.Weapons: Dragonbone sword, bow of the stag prince and spear of bitter mercyTypical…

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TES Profile: The Blood Alchemist

Name: Iranis of Cyrodiil.Race: Imperial/Vampire.Sex: Male.Titles: The One Who Betrayed the Gift.Age: 232yr/31yr at death.Known Aliases: Ruyan Cryngaine.Birhtsign: The Serpent.Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good.APPEARANCE:Height: 1.78m/6ft.Eyes: Brown/Red.Weight: 78kg/172 pounds.Physique: Strong but slim build.Skin Tone: Pale.Identifying Markings: Small scar on his right cheek.Weapons: Two steel daggers.Apparel: Merchant clothes or light armor.Magic: While Iranis is skilled in many magic schools, he…

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Fallout Profile: The Ghoul

Fallout Profile: The GhoulBackstory:My name is Aleksi Gerasimov. Soldier in a long destroyed army, husband to a long dead wife, vessel to a long gone soul. Born on 1st of October 2051., I joined the Red Army and soon became an intelligence officer with the KGB. In 2076. I was sent undercover to the United States where I would operate as a sleeper agent.In 2077. I was activated and started sabotaging civilian infrastructure in Atlanta, but soon after that I lost my comms with the Union. It was…

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Skyrim Isekai Character Backstory - all Races

DUNMERLIFE AND DEATH Born Survil Dren son of the Grandmaster of House Hlaalu in the year 3E 333 100 years before the Oblivion Crisis. He was trained to be a knight just like his father and just like him, he rose to the title of House Brother. By the time of the Crisis, he was one of Morrowind’s strongest knights. Unfortunately, that did not stop the fall of the house after the Crisis. With many of the leading members dead following the crisis, he took control but it was for a short period as…

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Skyrim Isekai part 2: Guilds Cont'd.

COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD – RANKS Arch-Mage – Must be Master Wizard/Savant before promotion. Must complete 80 magic related quest and do the Shalidor's Maze in the main story and collect the Diadem of the Savant. Master Wizard/Savant - Must be Professor/Warlock before promotion. Must complete 40 magic related quest and do the Mzuflt in main story and earn Savos Aren's Amulet. Professor/Warlock - Must be Researcher/Mage before promotion. Must complete 20 magic related quest and do the Midden and…

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Skyrim Isekai

One busy Friday afternoon, on the 17th of August 2022, I was rushing to get back to work following lunch when I notice this little girl playing with her rubber ball on the street. She couldn’t be no more than 5 years old. Suddenly, she accidently flung her ball into the street into passing traffic she unfortunately dove into an oncoming car to get her ball back. I jumped in to save her. I got hit and blackout. When I woke up, I found myself riding a carriage in an all too familiar setting. A…

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Roleplay Help Desk

          Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. Got some hard questions on how to play your sellsword character? Wanna know how to make your Lawful Good hero more interesting? Confused on whether or not a dragonborn would do x, y or z? Well you've come to the right place. Here in this thread, feel free to ask your roleplay-oriented questions about your character in game, or maybe your character in your own personal headcanon.

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39 Replies · Reply by Otaku Japan Jun 15, 2022

Character Snapshots

Greetings, sera. Plenty of us have gone in-depth when creating our characters, whether they be for Character Builds or for our own personal leisure. And perhaps you want a chance to be able to share that character you've created. But some of us just don't want to have to deal with the process of creating  long, overly-detailed Character Profiles for those characters. Perhaps you don't have the time, or you simply don't have the patience. Character Snapshots is a thread for those people who…

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80 Replies · Reply by GONK Dec 24, 2021

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  • Any group that could help me come with a character backstory for my skyrim anniversary edition builds?
    • What do you need help with?
    • Explanation & motive for my character's to go to skyrim
  • I’m curious,how does this group work? I’m not familiar with roleplay save for when I used to act out scenarios with friends in high school.
    • What curse said. This group is a place for you to show off the story and profile of the character(s) you play through in Skyrim. If you really like a particular character, you can share them here.

      If there's not enough information for a full-blown profile, you can post a snippet of info on the Character Snapshots topic.
    • This is basically the place to share details on your character(s). Usually that’s done in the form of roleplay profiles where every detail from your character’s name, age, motives and beliefs are shared.

      It’s different from a character build where you’re describing how to recreate charactwe you’ve played.

      You could take it a step further and write about your character’s adventures in the form a chronicle like Blackablood has done.
  • I request a misc profile tag link
    • It already exists. The link to discussions tagged as such hasn't been made.
  • Could I use this group to ask general roleplay related questions?
    • You absolutely can.
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