Fallout Profile: The Ghoul

Fallout Profile: The Ghoul



My name is Aleksi Gerasimov. Soldier in a long destroyed army, husband to a long dead wife, vessel to a long gone soul. Born on 1st of October 2051., I joined the Red Army and soon became an intelligence officer with the KGB. In 2076. I was sent undercover to the United States where I would operate as a sleeper agent.

In 2077. I was activated and started sabotaging civilian infrastructure in Atlanta, but soon after that I lost my comms with the Union. It was then that the bombs were launched. Thousands of them turned the world into radioactive ash. Of the coast of the US, one of the Soviet subs launched a cobalt bomb into Atlanta.

I saw the flash, the blast. I felt the skin melt of my body as rubble buried me, ending my life. But somehow I survived. I don't know how much time passed by the time I woke up, but to me it didn't matter. I was alive. How? I managed to free myself from the rubble and left the ruins of Atlanta. But, as I was walking, I realized that I feel fine. I should've been dying from radiation poisoning.

I found a small house just outside Atlanta and decided to take shelter inside. I went into the bathroom to check for water, but then I saw the mirror, and I saw myself. I looked like a walking corpse, the skin hanging of my body and a few strands of hair left. I spent the next few days in that house, contemplating my life now that everything I knew was destroyed. I found a gun in the house. Put the barrel in my mouth, but I couldn't. Not like this.

There has to be a reason I survived. So, I packed what little I found and started walking. And I walked. For the next 200 years I walked. And now I find myself in the Capitol Wasteland. I heard of a place called the Underworld. A city for those like me...ghouls. 



General Information:

Name: Aleksi Gerasimov

Aliases: Alex

Sex: Male

Race: Human?

Age: 26 (226)

Allignment: Megaton, Underworld, Tenpenny Tower Ghouls, Free Slaves



Skin Tone: Ghoulified

Height: 1.78m/5ft10

Weight: 73kg/161 pounds

Build: Average build

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown patches

Tattoos/Scars: No tattoos, Damage across entire body with parts of upper skin missing

Weapons: 22. Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle



Place of Birth: Leningrad, Soviet Union

Religion: None

Residence: None permament

Faction: Free Slaves, Riley's Rangers

Interest: Freeing Slaves around the Wastelands, helping various Ghouls

Flaws: Heavy addiction to alcohol and Mentats

Personality: Very happy to meet and help other Ghouls, but is wary and distrustful of people. Would rather keep his contact to a minimum during a contract. His addiction to alcohol makes him quite unstable and prone to violence, but takes care of his friends. Has heavy PTSD and depression.


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