Roleplayer's Resource - The Guardsman's Barracks

Hail, good citizen. I'm Lawmaster Percival. You look like you have a strong will and a good arm. How would you like to make a difference in the world? Take a seat and let me offer you an opportunity. You've stumbled into The Guardsman's Barracks. Here we send out elite guards to assist in the holds all throughout this region. Sometimes the guards of a hold are not as effectual as needed or are too corrupt to get what needs to be done, done. We operate independently from the holds, answering only to the High King, whomever they may be. If you would like, you can join our ranks as a guard of the realm. You in? Good. Let me explain further.

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Rules and Guidelines:

The way this Roleplayer's Resource works is simple. Each guard will take upon themselves a post. This post takes place in one of the many holds of Skyrim and will have you complete a set of 3 tasks in that hold before reporting back with proof of completion. Each guard can only undertake one post at a time. In order to take up a post, comment in the comment section. Once a task is complete, record proof of it's completion. Turn in said proof at the end of your post. For each completed post, you will gain 5 Renown. The more fame you get, the higher level titles you get. Once you reach the required amount to gain a title, that title will get added to your name on the Active Guards list and your renown will reset down to zero, having been "spent."


Active Guards:





FalkreathGuardShieldFalkreath Post:

1. Clear the Bandits out of Pinewatch to secure travel route.

2. Scout Bloated Man's Grotto for a rumoured Shrine to Talos for record.

3. Secure the safety of the woman known as Anise, provide protection from would-be assassins.



Hjallmarch Post:

1. Kill the Stormcloaks at their camp to cease their disruptions in the area.

2. Slay the Mages that have taken residence in Fort Showhawk.

3. Investigate the small shack south of the Solitude Sawmill and find out the identity of the owner.



The Reach Post:

1. Infiltrate Cidna Mine and kill the Forsworn Leader Madanach

2. Assist Brother Verulus in discovering the mystery behind the Hall of the Dead.

3. Investigate Bard's Leap Summit and kill any Forsworn residing there.



The Pale Post:

1. Secure the cargo of the Brinehammer.

2. Set up effectual defenses at Nightgate Inn, maintaining secrecy.

3. Access and Investigate Frostmere Crypt.



The Rift Post:

1. Visit Stendarr's Beacon and help secure the area near the border.

2. Visit and help maintain good relations with the Orcs at Largashbur by assisting them.

3. Investigate the crime den at Redwater Den.



Haafingar Hold Post:

1. Discover and Record the location of the mysterious Steed Stone.

2. Investigate the Statue of Meridia.

3. Find the resting place of the ship known as the Orphan's Tear.



Whiterun Post:

1. Secure the roadway by clearing Valtheim Keep of bandits.

2. Giants have been enchroaching on the land. Kill the giants at the Sleeping Tree Camp.

3. Secure and Protect Olava the Feeble from assassins.



Eastmarch Post:

1. Seek out and kill the bandits in Mistwatch.

2. Kill the Dragon at Bonestrewn Crest.

3. Find Aventus Arentino and use him to infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood and kill some of its members.



Winterhold Post:

1. Assist the College of Winterhold in the investigation of Saarthal.

2. Investigate the wearabouts of a field agent of ours, the man who owns Frostflow Lighthouse.

3. Investigate the Skytemple Ruins, north of the College.



The Hall of Fame

Here is the list of all the titles you can earn throughout your journey through Skyrim:

0 Renown - New Blood _______

15 Renown - ______ the Iron Hide

30 Renown - ______ the Steel Arm

45 Renown -  ______ the Silver Eye

60 Renown - _______ the Orichalum Blade

75 Renown - _______ the Dwarven Forged

90 Renown - _______ the Moonstone Warrior

105 Renown - _______ the Malachite Gauntlet

120 Renown - _______ the Ebony Fist

135 Renown - _______ the Daedric Hunter

150 Renown - _______ the Dragonslayer

175 Renown - Lawbearer ________

200 Renown - Lawmaster ________

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  • Hey Percival, I love this a lot. Definetly planning on doing this during/after the Contest. Simple, yet efficent and captures the RP of being a Guard in Skyrim.

  • Awesome! The "Post" system is a super cool idea.

  • May I have a post in the Reach Lawmaster Percival

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