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Hail, adventurers! BlackBlood has started something interesting in the RP group: thejourney's.

a Roleplayer's Resource. I have decided to pick up the idea and run with it. As a Templar or Paladin in Skyrim, championing the Divines can get a little hard to do sometimes. Once you've slain the mighty Vampires of Volkihar and risen to the top of the Dawnguard, there's honestly not much else to do. Until now, that is. Welcome to the Templar's Chapel, a beautiful cathedral filled with all sorts of servants to the Nine Divines. It is the place of worship for Priests, Abbots, Templars, Wandering Paladins, Healers and the like. Here, other Divine Servents will task you with holy quests that will serve the purposes of the Divines. 

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~ The Holy Commissions ~

Each of the Nine Divines has a set of unique commandments for their servants. The Chapel will put out nine Commissions (one for each Divine) so that any servant of the Divines my complete them. Commissions may ask you to clear out a Barrow, craft a set of gear, give to the poor, etc. If you believe the Divines have Spoken unto you a Commission, you can deliver the Holy Message to any of our Chapel leaders through a comment or a DM here or on Discord. Paladins and Templars are only allowed to fulfill 2 Holy Commission per wave of nine. 

~ Divine Favor ~

As you complete Commissions, you will earn Divine Favor with whichever Divine you completed the Commission for. If you have access to cheats (i.e. console commands on PC or mods on XB1 and PS4) you will earn yourself 1 perk point per 10 levels of Divine Favor. Each Commission will earn you 5 levels of Divine Favor unless otherwise specified. Some rare Divine Commissions will earn you more Divine Favor than normal. If you do not have access to cheats, it doesn't matter too much as you can just roleplay for the virtual Divine Favor and do without the real in-game reward (it is a Roleplayer's Resource, after all).

~ Active Templars ~

Jeanna Mannav (TorynCross) - 10 Divine Favor

The Crazed Crusader (Ramses) - 10 Divine Favor

 ShadowKihn - 0 Divine Favor

~ Divine Commissions ~2340086433?profile=RESIZE_180x180


 ~The Commission of Akatosh ~ The Children of Akatosh displease their Father with disobedience. Slay a Dragon as punishment for his dishonor of his Father.









 ~ The Commission of Arkay ~ A foul necromancer hids deep within the Shrine of Miridia. Clear out the Shrine, but refuse to become the manipulative Miridia's servant by casting the artifact she gives you from the Throat of the World. 







 ~ The Commission of Dibella ~ A devoted servant of Dibella, Haelga, is under pressure from the local Thieves Guild. Send them a message that she has the Goddess' protection by placing an Amulet of Dibella in the pocket of one of their lead members, Tonilia. 







~ The Commission of Julianos ~ Obtain knowledge by studying the tomes for the Alteration spells Transmute, Waterbreathing and Telekinesis.








~ The Commission of Kynareth ~ Earn 10 Divine Favor by journeying into the wilds that Kynareth breathed into existence and discovering  all 13 Standing Stones.







 ~ The Commission of Mara ~ Take a pilgrimage to the Lady of Love's temple in Riften, and accept the task that her devoted servant Dinya Balu bestows upon you.







 ~ The Commission of Stendarr ~ Obtain a Silver weapon, that you may have Stendarr's favor in battle against the monsters of Tamriel








~ The Commission of Talos ~ Aid the Stormcloak Rebellion by eliminating the Imperial soldiers stationed at their secret camp in the Rift. Kill the commander (with mods/console commands) or force him to neal before you and thus before the mighty Talos himself.






~ The Commission of Zenithar ~ Forge a full set of Steel armaments (steel armor, steel boots, steel helmet, steel gauntlets, steel shield, steel dagger, steel sword, steel greatsword, steel war axe, steel battleaxe, steel mace, steel warhammer).

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  • Awesome idea Pixel! I'll definitely be taking on some of these challenges.

    • Looking forward to it. Will you be using your Knight Cleric?

      • More than likely yeah 

  • This is really cool Pixel!   I'll be doing a couple of these on my next stream I think.  I was going to cheat a bit just to get access to some modded armor but this will let me roleplay it in instead.

    • Hey! One person found it useful arleady! That is a WIN. Let me know when you are streaming :D

    • I look forward to seeing your knight cleric tackle these missions. 

    • So, today Jeanna Mannav, knight cleric of the Nine Divines, left her cathedral on a pilgrimage around Skyrim to pass on some of her recently acquired wealth.   When she reached Solitude, she visited the Jarl, and took on the task of clearing Wolfskull Cave.  She gave to every beggar and temple on her journey which ended in Riften where she signed up with the Dawnguard. Afterwards, in preparation for an excursion into Dimhollow Crypt, she returned to her cathedral and forged a new set of knightly yet humble armor to aid in her battles.

      This was a blast, Pixel, thanks again. Looking forward to the next set.

      • Great to hear that you enjoyed it! I will post a new set as soon as the others are completed. 

  • Might need to make a paladin character. 

    • I look forward to seeing that. Send me pics once you start!

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