Roleplayer's Resource - The Legionnaire's Castrum


Hail, Soldiers of the Empire! Welcome to the Imperial Legion's primary Castrum in Skyrim. I am Commatus Pulaso. I will be your Commander for as long as you are deployed at this Camp. We have little time, and even fewer resources, so I will be frank with you during your deployment here. I expect that you do the same. That starts now: I tell you, the Civil War here in Skyrim goes poorly. We are udnerfunded and undersupplied by the Jewel of Cyrodiil, and we can't count on any help from His Majesty in the near future. You are the best we have, like it or not, and I certainly don't like it.

The Emperor didn't put us here because we'd like it. We have an enemy. They need to be dealt with. Any one of you who doesn't think they can handle that may leave now; I will have no further use for you ...

... Those of you who remain, divide yourselves by eights and deposit your belongings into your assigned contubernium. Await further orders there. You are dismissed.

In this Roleplayer's Resource, your primary goal is to progress through the ranks of the Imperial Legion. You will start as a lowly Auxiliary; a grunt for the Imperial Legion. Upon achieving the Legionary rank, you will be able to select a specific genus, or Class, to pursue for the remainder of your career as a member of the Imperial Legion. Mandati, or Orders, will be issued and can be picked up by available Legionnaires based on rank, and sometimes be exclusive to certain classes. Occasionally, Legionnaires will be awarded special commendations for completing particularly difficult or valuable tasks. A list on this post will be kept of all Legionnaires, their rank, their genus, and any special commendations they may have earned.  

Rewards for completing a mandatum will be listed with the mandatum when it is issued. If you have Skyrim on PC you will use Console Commands to give your character these rewards, or the Cheat Room mod if you have Skyrim Special Edition on PS4 or Xbox One. If you do not have access to cheats, you will still receive experience as a Legionnaire that will progress you toward your next rank and more mandati

When you have completed a mandatum, say so in the comments on this post. Include the story of how it was completed for extra progress toward your next rank. Note that some mandati will only be able to be completed with access to certain mods. If you do not have mods, don't worry: there will always be a vanilla mandatum alongside any modded ones for you to complete. If a mandatum has such a requirement, it will be marked as such and the mod(s) required will be listed.

If you have access to mods and play on Xbox One or PC, download the Camp Argentum mod to use as a base of operations during your time as a soldier.


Auxilia (Auxiliary) 0 mandati

Miles (Private) 1 mandatus

Protector (Sentinel) - 3 mandati

Legionarius (Legionary) - 5 mandati

Eques (Knight) 7 mandati

Praefect (Prefect) 9 mandati

Servus (Sergeant) 10 mandati

Centurion (Field Commander) 12 mandati

Maior (Major) 14 mandati

Tribunus (Tribune) 16 mandati

Legatus (Lieutenant) 18 mandati

Princeps (Captain) 20 mandati

Summus (General) Unobtainable


~ Militus (Warrior) ~

Imperii gloria! (For the glory of the Empire!)

The Imperial Legion is dominated by the Militi class. They are the most disciplined and highly trained infantry among their ranks. The Militi specialize in following orders efficiently and without question. Formidable on their own and lethal in groups, the Militi work phenominally as a cohesive unit, and often operate effectively with the standard sword and shield issued to all Legionnaires when they join the Imperial Legion.

~ Imperator (Warlord) ~

Victoriam per disciplinam. (Victory through discipline.)

Imperators are the leaders of the Imperial Legion. These are officers that are effective at leading groups and highly knowledgable in Imperial battle tactics. They stay calm under pressure and are confident in their ability to lead. Each Legio relies heavily on Imperators to give them direction and purpose. Often mandati will be delivered to Imperators for distribution to the Legionnaires that are subservient to them.

*Note* This class functions best with mods that enable multiple followers.

~ Penitus Oculatus (Emperor's Hand) ~

Quia princeps noster, et facti sunt manes. (For our Emperor, we become Specters.)

 Since the fall of the Blades, the shadowy Imperial organization known as the Penitus Oculatus has conducted the special operations required by the Emperor. A seperate entity to the Imperial Legion, members of the Penitus Oculatus take orders directly from the Emperor and only the Emperor. Little is known about their particular line of work because of its confidentiality, but it is obvious that when a Specter of the Oculatus is sent out into the field, there will be one less enemy of the Empire within the next few days ...

~ Praeventore (Vanguard) ~

Fidelitas ad aliud potissimum imperator! (Loyalty to the Emperor above all else!)

Every army needs soldiers specialized in endurance and strength. The Praeventores march exclusively on the front lines of battle. Heavily armored and highly experiences with the Imperial Tower Shield known as the Scutum, these fighters form an impenetrable wall on the battlefield, intimidating enemies and shrugging off their blows while the rest of the Legion cuts them down.

~ Inquisitor (Secret Agent) ~

Tranquillitas. Subtilis. Victrix. (Calm. Subtle. Victorious.)

The Imperial Inquisitorius is the Emperor's primary intelligence organization. Similar to to the Penitus Oculatus in that they are a separate group from the Imperial Legion itself, they differ in that they deal less in death and more in information. Spies, double agents, and secret agents, the Inquisitorius is the most mysterious and feared organization in the Empire.

~ Pugna Magnum (Battle Mage) ~

Nam de scientia Imperii! (For the Empire of Knowledge!)

The Empire owes a large part of its conquest of Tamriel to the Imperial Legion's effective militarization of magick. Battlemages are a key part of the Empire's battle strategy. Focusing on the school of Destruction, but also proficient in other constructive branches of magick, the Pugna Magni are as fierce as their fellow soldiers and often more deadly. 






DeltaFox - 0 mandati

 ShadowKihn - 0 mandati












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