TES Profile: The Blood Alchemist

Name: Iranis of Cyrodiil.

Race: Imperial/Vampire.

Sex: Male.

Titles: The One Who Betrayed the Gift.

Age: 232yr/31yr at death.

Known Aliases: Ruyan Cryngaine.

Birhtsign: The Serpent.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Height: 1.78m/6ft.

Eyes: Brown/Red.

Weight: 78kg/172 pounds.

Physique: Strong but slim build.

Skin Tone: Pale.

Identifying Markings: Small scar on his right cheek.

Weapons: Two steel daggers.

Apparel: Merchant clothes or light armor.

Magic: While Iranis is skilled in many magic schools, he is a master at alchemy and illusion while also being proficient at conjuration.


Birthplace: Anvil, Cyrodiil.

Religion: None. He left the Deadra and Aedra behind.

Allied Factions: Dawnguard, Mages Guild, College of Winterhold.

Occupation: Alchemist, Vampire Hunter.

Current Location: Skyrim.

Education: Had poor education as a son of trader, but gained a lot of knowledge after his death and becoming a vampire.

Family: None. All died during the last years of the Third Era.

Friends: Some allies, but he has no close friends.

Enemies: Vampires and Were-beasts as well as Alduin.

Personality: While Iranis has noble intentions, such as exterminating the vampires in Skyrim, he is still a child of shadows. He will try to find and help allies, but so that they will owe him. And while he tries to avoid conflict and stick to learning more about alchemy and magic and increasing his own power, he will use extremely brutal close combat and high speed to dispatch his foes. He is also a believer of extreme punishment. He will hunt down criminals and use them either as puppets or blood cows as he refuses to feed on innocents.

While he will ally himself with others, he views everyone as a potential threat, due to his vampirism, and tries to find weak points to potentialy exploit.

Flaws: While he isn't as strong as a pureblood vampire, his arrogance often finds him going into various situations under prepared. His nature often leaves him all alone, making him a glass cannon in battle. He is also weak to bright lights and the sun.


Born to a trader in 3E 402 in the port city of Anvil in Cyrodiil, Iranis lost his father a year later during the War of Betony. After a difficult childhood spent in poverty on the streets of Anvil, he left the city after the death of his mother and sister in the years 3E 415 and 417 respectively. After a few months, he came upon a member of the Mages Guild, and became a member himself. Altough among people he could call friends, he always felt alone and found comfort at the alchemy table. He also began traveling across Cyrodiil, documenting various plants and alchemical ingredients.

But, tragedy always followed Iranis in his short life, and in 3E 433 tragedy caught up. While traveling through the area of Skingrad, his group was attacked by an unknown force. As the group was slaughtered, Iranis found himself bleeding on the ground, holding his neck to try and stay alive, but deaths grasp took over him.

And then he woke up. He was alive. But soon, he learned about his new condition. He managed to track down the vampire that turned him and was later accepted into the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, known as the Cyrodilics. After several decades, Iranis began to see the needless cruelty towards innocents and while trying to stop a murder of a small girl, he killed a member of the order. He ran from the order, but was caught and was sealed in a cave.

But after more then a century, he managed to escape. He then started building his own shadow empire in an effort to destroy the other vampire groups. He will stop injustice in the world, by brutally exterminating it.

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