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          Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. Got some hard questions on how to play your sellsword character? Wanna know how to make your Lawful Good hero more interesting? Confused on whether or not a dragonborn would do x, y or z? Well you've come to the right place. Here in this thread, feel free to ask your roleplay-oriented questions about your character in game, or maybe your character in your own personal headcanon.

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  • Expect to see me here a lot cuz there’s a lot of roleplay stuff I tend to get stuck on. It’s been the cause of death for many build ideas of mine. Anyway here’s my first question. What would a typical dawnguardsman’s stance be on the Daedra in general and Meridia in particular? Aesthetically speaking the dawnbreaker fits really well with the Dawnguard Armor. But I don’t want to go that route if it makes zero sense from a lore/roleplay perspective. 

    • The Dawnguard are the Dawnguard, not the Vigilants of Stendarr. They're focused on slaying vampires rather than daedra, so I doubt many of their members would care in the slightest that you wield Dawnbreaker. The only one who"might" have an opinion is Isran, seeing as he was a former Vigilant, but based on his personality and pragmatism I've no doubt he would welcome any tool that can be used against his most hated foes.

      • And since Dawnbreaker is effective against the undead.....Also, Celann was one as well if memory serves. 

      • Maybe not so. Everything the Dawnguard fight against stem directly from a Daedric prince. I would like to think they’d at least be wary of a member having dealings with a Daedric prince. 

        • Wary, maybe. But Meridia is the enemy of Molag Bal, the father of all vampires. And considering she was once an Aedra herself, and is one of the few not considered wholly evil, I think most if not all of the Dawnguard members would be fine with one of her champions (or even just a wielder of the sword) being a member.

          • I feel like Meridia’s prior existence as an Aedra is something only her devotees and various scholars would be aware of. Then again I could be wrong. 

            • Even moreso her former identity as a Magna'Ge

  • I’m curious how much of Aedric and Daedric lore is common knowledge. 

    • It depends largely upon which race’s pantheon you’re speaking of. The average Nord will likely have no clue who say Trinimac is, but most Orcs would know of him. 

  • How do you do it?! How do you role play an evil character? Every quest it seems is about helping people. There aren’t enough evil quests in Skyrim. 

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