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Born Survil Dren son of the Grandmaster of House Hlaalu in the year 3E 333 100 years before the Oblivion Crisis. He was trained to be a knight just like his father and just like him, he rose to the title of House Brother. By the time of the Crisis, he was one of Morrowind’s strongest knights. Unfortunately, that did not stop the fall of the house after the Crisis. With many of the leading members dead following the crisis, he took control but it was for a short period as there was an assassination attempt on his life. He was poisoned in the year 4E5, mere months before the eruption of Red Mountain. The poisons, a Lingering Damage Heath Poison and a Lingering Damage Magika Poison, both would have been fatal if it not been for his knowledge of alchemy. He manages to cure himself but the damage had been done. He can no longer grow his health or magika through leveling. He fled for Riften after Red Mountain erupted and there he lived as a beggar for 196 years to cover his real identity. Civil War broke out in Skyrim, news came that Ulfric Stormcloak had some miracle drug that could heal any aliments. Not wanting to miss the chance for a cure, he decided to meet up with Ulfric. Unfortunately, Ulfric’s unit was ambushed by the Imperials and Survil suffered a near fatal injury. However, due to the effects of the poisons he slowly died *during the journey to Helgen.  


You are reborn into Survil Dren but gave a different name to the Imperials to continue the cover. You escape Helgan and registered as a Sellsword in Riverwood. As you went about your duties as a Sellsword, you realize you are unable to increase your health and magika; though you are reborn, Survil Dren’s body still suffers from his attempted poisoning by someone in House Hlaalu. So, your only class choice is to be a Rogue. At level 10 and your first class promotion, you decide to leave Riverwood for Whiterun for further missions and training in alchemy with one goal in mind for now. Find out who plotted to kill Survil Dren. 


*Use mod Live Another life SSE to wake up in a cave filled with bandits.  

Waking up in a cave filled with bandits left you with no choice but to be a bandit. You went out robbed an killed several people to earn your keep among the group. then you experience your first level up; you quickly realized you cannot increse either your health or your magika. Finding this out you decide to leave the group to find the cure Ulfric promised but to find out who in House Hlaalu wanted you died.




Born Vienlle Tamrith a lowly 5th sister of the Great House Tamrith in the year 4E0 2 months after the Oblivion Crisis. Due to her position in the family, she would never be the Head of the Family. Due to that reality, she became cold and distant to everyone including her family and would lock herself in her room for hours after meals. Unknown to everyone, she was rather interested, unhealthily so, with her Elven ancestry to the point of running experiments to figure out the secrets to their long life. Due to this obsession, in the year 4E17, she kidnapped her baby brother and ran her experiments on him eventually killing him. No one knew this however and her brother’s death went unsolved for 10 years. 10 years had passed, and there was a string of unsolved murders in the Rivenspire Region’s Eyebright Feld where House Tamrith holds its seat of power. Vienlle had romped up her experimentations killing hundreds of people in her pursuit of long life and power. She became careless however, when she decided to take her experiments to Rivenpire’s  Boralis Region which houses both the Dorell’s and Montclair’s Great Houses. Both houses came together to find the killer who have been wreaking havoc in the House Tamrith’s region. She was caught in the act about to kill a young girl. She arrested and hanged immediately in the year 4E27 at the age of 27. 174 years had passed since her hanging, her body remained preserved. 6 days ago, Necromancers who were interested in her work, dug up her body. The Guards of House Tamrith saw this and mounted an attack against them but were all killed and they escaped to Skyrim through the Reach Hold. Unkown to everyone however, Vienlle had discovered the secret to long life 5 years prior to her death, her new experimentations years later was her figuring out immortality which her last experiment was confirming before she was captured. Her soul laid dormant waiting to be reborn, and the necromancers setting up the ritual just off the road leading to Falkreath, started their work. 


Following your death in the real world, your soul went into a state of limbo alongside another soul, Vienlle Tamrith. Her soul tried but failed to consume yours instead, you consumed her soul ridding it of her essence killing her in the process but leaving her memories behind. Soon your soul was dragged from where it was and placed inside Vienlle Tamrith’s body. When you awoke you saw them trying to bind you to them, you prevented this however, by killing all but one of the necromancers who escaped. Since the ritual was interrupted, you fell back to sleep. You awoke again to find yourself bound and, on a carriage heading to Helgen. 





Born Sigdis Winter-Gobler in the year 4E176 in Windhelm, Eastmarch, Skyrim 1 year after the first great war. He was born to Imperial loyalist who was once the owners of the home Hjerim. However, 2 months into the civil war his parents had to flee Windhelm after he left to take up arms with the Imperial Legion and they were killed by a Winter Troll. 1 year after this, he became a full fledge Legionnaire with a single purpose in life; to kill Ulfric Stormcloak. When he heard about the plan to ambush Ulfric in one month's time, he left his post to set up his own ambush. Being stationed at the Riften’s Imperial Camp at the time, he left in the direction of Darkwater Crossing. Not dressed in his Imperial Armor he engaged Ulfric, at that time, the Imperial Legion launch their ambush, blades were also pointed at him. No matter how hard he tried to explain they didn’t believe him which him with no choice but to fight for his life. He was run through by an Imperial sword nearly dying on the spot. Unfortunately, due to not getting medical attention he died on the way to Helgen. 


You open your eyes, shocked at your surroundings. You turned to your right and there was Ulfric Stormcloak leader of the rebellion in Skyrim. You were a great fan of Ulfric’s quest in real life, but here seeing the man with your own eyes is something special. But you get a sense of anger coming over you when you saw him and you remember the memories of the person whose body you took over these words kept repeating over and over:  KILL ULFRIC AVENGE MY PARENTS.  





Born Manolin Willowgrass in the city of Elden Wood, Kingdom of Grahtwood  in the year 3E394 1 year before the Bosmer Khajiit War. 1 year after his birth, his parents who were merchants, were making their way back to city when they were attacked by Khajiit bandits. They were killed in the process. This attack started the 5-year war between Bosmer and Khajiit. 20 years after the war, Manolin became a Master Spy for the Dominion with orders to infiltrate the Blades and gather intel on their movements across Tamriel. However, he was playing both sides by also spying on the Dominion for the Blades. Both sides are unaware he is doing this however. His goal was to eventually turn both sides against Elsweyr. He was doing this successfully right up until great war in the year 4E171 where he received orders to execute the Blade agents. He slashed the throats of 50 agents within his unit and put an arrow in 10 more. LEAVE NO SURVIVERS was his order. As he turned to leave, a huge fireball came from his west leaving him no time to dodge. He was killed instantly. 


You woke up in a pile of bodies. Remembering what happened to you in the real world. You were stab to death by your girlfriend after she found out you were cheating. Now you awoke with new memories of being betrayed by the Dominion. Looking around, you realized you are in the middle of the battle between the Empire and the Dominion. You were seen by Imperial soldiers who asked you what were you doing there. You gave them a fake Elven name and stated your wish to join the Empire’s fight. You quickly rose to the rank of Legate in the war and led a Legion to aid the emperor in taking back the Capital. You went on to command a Legion on the border of Elsweyr keeping an eye on the Dominion movements in that Province. You receive orders to report to General Tullius follow Ulfric’s escape at Helgen. Due to an avalanche blocking the road from Cyrodiil to Falkreath, you had to make the journey to Riften; enemy territory. You were ambush by the combine efforts of Riften Guards and Stormcloak Soldiers. Your Legion was annihilated and you its leader, captured and imprisoned in the Riften Jail. Your goal is to escape the Riften Jail and quicky report to the General. 

*Use mod Live Another life SSE. 

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