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TES Profile: Mikke Black-Heart



"There once was a maiden so fair and full of bliss, and that maiden is the girl reading this."


Basic Information

iioP7KjqBSZD8g90TzjeE1_XonbkLfcTYINYFX2HcQYn3FUXB5ePB6zkkERxjcJ6wBdj_94TSgqqb7FJHLRoIhabRF0Y2YSeQLt9fJ-nhttbvJVvfehTzK2NYU5PyKNEg0u3RCatName. Mikke Black-Heart

Aliases/Nicknames. Mick, Mickey, Demlar Ovingian (pseudonym in Thalmor territory)

Gender. Male

Race/Ethnicity. Cyrod

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TES Character Profile: Steps-Through-Portals

Hey guys! For awhile now I’ve been wanting and meaning to do an RP Profile on a character soon to appear in Shades of Oblivion, as well as being apart of the Rise of an Empire Discord server.



Name: Steps-Through-Portals

Alias(es): “Steps” (to clo

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TES Profile: Samara Maeryn



"You'd be surprised at the places a scared little girl can reach just to run away from the monster under her bed."

Basic Information


Name: Samara Maeryn

Aliases/Nicknames: Sam 'the Seeker', Arch-Mage, Sammy the Frog-eyed, The Summoner of Hjerim


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TES Character Profile: Zenoya

  • Hey y'all!

I'm back with another character profile! This particular one I've been playing with awhile but I decided to write her up for roleplay purposes. I might be working on a story that involves her too. Oops. I'm excited to get to roleplay with h

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TES Profile: Gruzmog Ushan

Character Name: Gruzmog Ushan

Sex: Male

Race: Orc

Age: Late Twenties  


906780?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Weapons/Armor: Orcish armor, Orcish boots, Orcish gloves, Ebony Warhammer

Religion: Devoted follower of Malacath

Profession: Legate, Mercenary

Factions: Imper

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TES Profile: Nimah


“This wolf hunts alone.”    

                                                                                                       Theme - Aggressive by Beartooth                                                                                     

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TES Profile: Anja Cold-Heart


“Stubborn as a bull? You have no idea...”

Theme - Champion by Fall Out Boy


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