"Greetings, sera. Welcome to my profile page."

You now stand within the presence of Blackblood. Paragon of Daedra worship, veteran Roleplayer, and the current Moderator of the Roleplaying Group (so if you have any questions about that group don't be afraid to ask)

Feel free to peruse my various contributions to the site, ranging from RP Guides to a number of Character Builds. You are even welcome to join the Daedric Templars, agents dedicated to augmenting the worship of the Daedric Princes. If you believe the world belongs to Oblivion, and not the Divines, then we are your allies.

- I'm a generally friendly guy.
- It's incredibly easy to befriend me, just don't screw me over.

- I'm pretty good at creating characters of varying colors.
- I'm also good at putting things off. :/
- Every now and again, I'll channel the personalities of a Daedric Prince. Don't know how long it lasts.

-Likes -
Daedra, Powerful weapons, Powerful artifacts, Powerful spells, Horker Meat, Razing holds and towns, Really good mods, Making Character Profiles and Chronicles
-Dislikes -
The Thalmor, The Stormcloaks, Having to deal with mods breaking every 2 playthroughs, Writer's block, Being distracted by...anything




the Dremora Valkynaz

"I have foreseen your demise!"

Vyxath is my Dremora. Found the bastard when playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends. I liked him so much that I decided to make him my personal Dremora. Had to prove my strength but it was worth it.

- He's a Dremora. He's not all to friendly.

- He's got some damn good skill in Illusion.
- He can see things. He can't chose when to see them, though

-Likes -
Killing mortals, Killing dragons, Killing anything that isn't a Dremora really
-Dislikes - 
Anything that's not a Daedra, especially Wyrm




the Scuttler

"(reptile noises)"

Wyrm is my pet Scuttler. I got him cuz he's cute. Got a hell of a bite though. I'm trying to see what I can do to enhance him. Maybe some daedric magic?

- Playful little scamp. Little too playful sometimes. One of these days he's gonna piss off Vyxath too much...

- He runs like you wouldn't believe.
- He's good at fetching.

-Likes -
Human Fle- *ahem* Raw Beef, Running around. Vyxath
-Dislikes - 
...I got nothing




BB's Headcanon Literature

This is a collection of custom books I've made for Skyrim, mostly for the characters I've created.

"Advent of the Necrolord"

"The Scar Knight"






The Dwarven Scholar: An intellectual who incorporates much of the Dwemer Automatons' abilities into one powerful set of Dwarven Gear to become a powerful Battlemage empowered by magiscience.

The Paladin of Molag Bal: A once virtuous Paladin, now fallen into darkness because of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. He uses the black art of Necromancy to raise minions, and defends them with his Paladin-based tanking.


The Butcher: A wicked cannibalistic serial killer who stalks the night, constantly searching for his next prey.

The Alchemist's Apotheosis: A Breton alchemist aiming to create the legendary Philosopher's Stone, and achieve the divinity sought by many an alchemist before him.

The Cultist of the Black Worm: A member of the reviving order of necromancers once lead by Mannimarco, that boasts greater control of the undead and aims to achieve mastery of the magic of death.


Ararvyne Varam: A Dunmer Nightblade, and the Grandmaster of the Daedric Templars, with a desire to eradicate the worship of the Nine Divines, and bolster the worship of the Daedra.

None at the moment...


Vampirism: A guide to help better embody one of the most powerful predators of the night.

Lycanthropy: A guide to help embody either the mighty gift of the beast, or its curse.

Thievery: A guide to help novice thieves understand their options in Tamriel.

Divine Worship: A guide to help devout worshippers with understanding the god's commandments.

Daedra Worship: A guide to help understand what you can do for your chosen Daedric Prince.


Prelude of a Dark Kingdom: A day of merrymaking for two friends turns dark as a wicked shadow watches over them...

Hircine's Child - Brotherhood: Monthrthr, a Bosmer Werewolf, comes across the first evidence of the Companions in Whiterun.

Way of the Samurai - Prologue: Intro for a possible story I may commit to in the future. Only time will tell.

A Hero's Prologue: Fall Before the Rise: The story of a knight's rise to greatness, and his fall to tragedy.







Place your hand upon the symbol, if you dare...

Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones
"I've actually got an idea for a new race that could be added: The Morimer, or "Evil Elves" as they were called, who were the first to rebel against the Tribunal after they'd gotten the Chimer cursed. Their existence had been erased from history by t…"
May 18
Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones
"I honestly hope so. I've had these ideas in my head for weeks now and it's eating me up."
May 16
Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones
"Nother update!
I've added ideas for locations of each of the crystals."
May 15
Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones
"Made even more major changes!
effects are now tied to the Aether Crystals. You can use them without putting them in an artifact, but you'll take tons of damage per second if you try.
Speaking of artifacts, they've been redone. They now have a base e…"
May 14
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May 8
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"Greetings, sera. Welcome to the Sky Forge."
May 5
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"I know it's been a while, but the bounty has been accepted."
May 4
Necro-Blackblood replied to Curse's discussion So, what are you working on?
"To properly explain what I've got in this cranium full of ideas:
- A build for each of the 16 champions of the Daedric Lords- The Bittercold, a character designed to be the ultimate anti-warrior.- The Void Scale, the Argonian champion of Sithis.- Th…"
May 1
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May 1
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"*bows*Thank you, thank you."
May 1
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Apr 30
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"The power of the Dragonborn is immense indeed. I can imagine why anyone would begin to lose their sense of morality when gifted with such power. Even Arngeir hints that you could swing either way in terms of good or evil. Especially with shouts like…"
Apr 28
Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Roleplay Help Desk in Roleplaying
"What desires does he have? How resistant is he to corruption of the soul? Does he have a deep-seated grudge, one that he'll go to any length to achieve? How sadistic is he? How detached is he from other mortals? Has he suffered because of his honor?…"
Apr 27
Necro-Blackblood replied to Necro-Blackblood's discussion Mod "Concepts" - The Infinity Stones
"Made a few major changes.
The Gauntlet is now the main method of wielding the powers of the Aether Crystals. (Btw, they're called the Aether Crystals now) The amulet is now a base artifact like the sword and staff.
I've also made the powers a bit mo…"
Apr 25
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"Grazie to both."
Apr 22

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In my own little home away from Nirn, somewhere in Oblivion.

How did you find this community?

Was a part of the original Skyrim Blog. Followed ol' Curse all the way here.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Skyrim and Legends

What Fallout games have you played?


Do you get to the Cloud District often?

Only when I'm in the mood to slaughter Balgruuf's children.


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