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Blackblood's Armor Combo Collection (Part 3)



Greetings, sera. Have you ever sought inspiration for a build through images or screenshots of armor from Skyrim? Or had an idea for a combination of armors, but no time or patience to collect the required components to make your imagination a reality? Look no further, for I have decided to bring back the Armor Combo Catalog from the original Skyrim Blog. In this collection, you can find armor combos suggested by members of the Forge using Vanilla Skyrim armors and apparel.



If you want to submit an armor combo to this collection, make a post in the thread, or PM me, with the name of the combo, as well as the armor pieces it uses. You can only use armor and apparel that is found within the vanilla Skyrim or the DLCs. You can use anything for the 4 main armor slots (Head, Chest, Hands, and Feet), but no weapons or shields. You don't have to fill every slot, but at least try to have a cuirass.

You can also request private images if you'd like, or you can post your own image of what you'd like. Also, if the requested armor combo has a Character Build associated with it, I'll put a link for it in the name.




1505251354?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Northern Ranger::
Submitted by: Pixel

Temple Priest Hood

Winterhold Guard's Armor

Nordic Carved Gauntlets

Nordic Carved Boots

1504817066?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Emperor's Wizard::
Submitted by: Pixel

Apprentice Hood

Penitus Oculatus Armor

Penitus Oculatus Bracers

Penitus Oculatus Boots

1504827900?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Paragon::
Submitted by: Blackblood

Steel Plate Helmet

Dawnguard Heavy Armor (White)

Steel Plate Gauntlets

Steel Plate Boots


::The War Revenant::
Submitted by: Chris Diokno

Imperial Helmet (Closed)

Ebony Mail

Imperial Gauntlets

Imperial Boots

3419096045?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Lupine Blade::
Submitted by: Chris Diokno

Blackguard Hood

Penitus Oculatus Armor

Imperial Gauntlets

Steel Plate Boots

3419097196?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Shroud of the Dunmeri::
Submitted by: bloodmeridian

Shrouded Hood

Morag Tong Armor

Vampire Gauntlets

Vampire Boots

3419099139?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Knight Paladin::
Submitted by: XxBloodKnightxX

Silver Circlet

Dawnguard Heavy Armor (White)

Steel Plate Gauntlets

Dawnguard Heavy Boots

3419102740?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Emperor's Left Hand::
Submitted by: Prototype

Shrouded Hood

Penitus Oculatus Armor

Shrouded Hand Wraps

Vampire Boots

3419106267?profile=RESIZE_710x::The Hunter of the Old Gods::
Submitted by: MarcusG

Forsworn Helmet

Whiterun Guard's Armor

Forsworn Gauntlets

Forsworn Boots


::The Ebonguard::
Submitted by: Daedric Priest


Ebony Armor

Thieves Guild Gauntlets

Thieves Guild Boots

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  • ::UPDATE::
    Got 3 new Armor Combos for the new thread:
    *The Northern Ranger, by Pixel
    *The Emperor's Wizard. by Pixel
    *The Paragon, by Blackblood

  • Yay a part 3! I love these collections. Some great inspiration for builds. 

  •  Alright, got two: 

    The War Reveant

    Imperial Helmet (Closed)

    Ebony Mail

    Imperial Gauntlets

    Imperial Boots


    And second: The Lupine Blade

    Blackguard Hood

    Penitus Oculatus Armor

    Steel Plate Boots 

    Imperial Gauntlets

  • "Shroud of the Dunmeri"

    Shrouded Hood

    Morag Tong armor

    vampire gauntlets

    vampire boots

  • Knight Paladin: 

    Silver circlet

    dawnguard heavy armor (white)

    Steel plate gauntlets

    dawngurd heavy boots 

  • Emperor’s Left Hand

    Shrouded Hood 

    Penitus Armor

    Shrouded Hand Wraps

    Vampire Boots

  • Hunter of the Old Gods

    forsworn helmet

    white run guard armor

    Forsworn gauntlets and boots.

  • Ebonguard

    ebony armor 

    thieves guild boots and gauntlets

  • Got a Few

    Atmoran Berserker

    Helm of Yngol

    Fur Amour (Lioncloth)

    Ancient Nord Gauntlets & Boots 

    Gauldur Amulet

    Atmoran Brute

    Iron Helmet

    Ancient Nord Armour

    Hide Braces

    Leather Boots

    King  of Cruelty 

    Helm of Yngol

    Daedric Amour/ Falmer Heavy armour (couldn't decide)

    Daedric Gauntlets & Boots

    Bear Priest

    Stormcloak Officer Helmet

    Fur amour (Lioncloth and Cape)

    Forsworn Gauntlets & Boots 

    Kyne's Token

    Bone Hawk Ring

    The Autumn Monk

    Adept Hood

    Adept Robes

    Monk Boots

    Fallen Knight

    Imperial Closed Helmet

    Ragged Trousers

    Steel Plate Gauntlets & Boots

    Amulet of Talos

    Oculatus Knight

    Imperial Closed Helmet

    Pentis Oculatus Amour

    Ebony Gauntlets & Boots

    • Those are all really good. I'm especially fond of the Bear Priest combo.

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