'Why, hello there.'

Welcome to my little corner of this graceful site of ours. I am Ramses, now I know I've been dead for about 3,000 years but... surprise

Necromancy aside, I mainly create builds and stories that, usually, take insperation from different mythologies, TES lore, and history, and general ficition.

So yeah, that't it really... you think being dead for a millennium or three would make you better at introductions.

Julianos guild you!


 Completed Builds

ACILLUS- Totally not  Achilles with an Alcibiades influence.

Blackmane The Barbarian– Totally not Conan the Barbarian.

The Black Priest of Mara– Hey, you know how devout-persons are suppose to be kind and caring to the people around them, and not murder people? This isn't that.

Conqueraor of Corpus– Not good, just not good.

Figure in the Dark- An overenthusiastic cultist of Boethiah.

An Orc Wanderer– My very first build entry... very meh.

Completed Stories

Prophecy of Torynn The Grim- A short poem.


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"This great, dude. That's it, I gotta nothing else- just great."
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"'You're just as beautiful as the day I lost you.'"
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Such an extreme contrast to everything else you've seen in Skyrim up until that point, and there's nothing in the game like it. Since, picking up Morrowind, it's grown on me even more."
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Ruling Thebes through the grace of ancient Gods

How did you find this community?

Reddit/Youtube (Went searching to find what happened to Nuka Scrolls)

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Skyrim, Legends, and Morrowind- coming for you Oblivion.

What Fallout games have you played?


Do you get to the Cloud District often?

*Quick save*


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