Character Build: Dueling Souls


I have always been fascinated with the idea of the Yin-Yang and the constant battle of light and dark forces in man and in nature. My belief is that this battle between good and evil intrinsic forces continues on even after our bodies die. Yin refers to the southern side of the mountain and the darkness. Yang refers to the north side of the mountain and the light. In Chinese lore, The universe consists of two differing forces. These two forces are necessary to create wholeness and balance in the world.  This in an intriguing concept as I too believe that you cannot have one force without a more negative force or energy acting upon it. One cannot exist without the other.

I thought this concept would be a unique build concept. Since Akavir is very similar to ancient China, or at least that is how I look at it. My character Quinchal is also governed by this concept, known here as the tiger and the dragon. He cannot stray too far from the teachings of the tiger without being swallowed by the darkness that is eagerly awaiting him should he fail in his duties. My character also believes in the afterlife and the coming of his Akaviri ancestors. 


The Tiger is said to be one of the finest warriors in all of Akavir. These creatures fight with honor and once they defeat their foe, they let out a mighty roar that shakes the Earth. The closest thing to a tiger in Skyrim is a Sabretooth tiger. If Quinchal chooses this path, he is given lightning fast speed and divine power to embue his weapons with lightniing fast strikes. He must not harm a sabretooth unless he is the one who is attacked first.



Race: Argonian

Standing Stone: The Lord

Stats: 2:4:3

Weapons: Hunting Bow (Gong), Seeker Changdao

Armor: Imperial Scale Armor

Shouts: Become Ethereal, Call of Valor, Clear Skies, Unrelenting Force, Soul Tear, Whirlwind Sprint

Spells: Healing, Clairvoyance, Detect Life, Summon Inigo, Summon Hashire

Major Skills: Two Handed, Smithing

Minor Skills: Archery

The Form of the Weretiger: Beast Form



The celestial beings known as tiger mother and dragon father left behind a symbol to help balance the energy of the heavens. Half light, half dark, the symbol is now known as the Yin-Yang. The sacred circle represents the constant battle between light and dark sides of humanity. The heavens chose me as their guardian. I alone can choose which force to call upon and when. My masters are the graceful tiger mother and fiery father dragon. They try to influence my soul in diffenert ways. but only I control my fate. My very existence lies in the balance of two differing energies, I must balance them if I am to earn the honor of Akavir and her people.

He must seek out elders who can help him balance his soul so neither the tiger or the dragon can take sole ownership. Through this lost Akaviri art, I learn to discipline his voice as well as control his emotions. The other component to this training includes how to use spell and sword effectively. The training is long and most of the time perilous. The training requires the spirit to be resilient and steadfast as the stages of training are arduous and unforgiving. It involves pushing the warrior to his breaking point he must go through several trials meant to try to break their spirit. Only one warrior has passed all trials with their spirit intact.   

 After the warrior's training is complete. The warrior then goes into further training to master the martial arts. The samurai fights with honor and when the battle is won, he returns home with knowledge of his defeated enemy. The spirit became weary after battle one day and decided to rest against a nearby sakura tree. In his dream, his ancestors spoke words of great terror. "My son, there was a great Tsaesci sorcerer who could trap souls in dragons and other creatures known as Tsun Kai. We trapped his spirit in the celestial plain after he was slain. Alas, his soul has escaped and we cannot pass judgement on him for his crimes. 

"Tiger mother, Tsun did nothing wrong. He does not deserve to be punished so.” Quinchal thought.

"Ah, but you are wrong, my son,” Tiger mother went on "Tsun trapped mine, your father's and all of your ancestor's souls inside great winged beasts for our defiance. As lizard people, your father and I were foolish enough to deny him soldiers. He then infected me and dragon father with a deadly plague. I was well enough to entrust you to a guard to become an Akaviri. You father was not so lucky, he died within the orange lights that ate our village."

Quinchal woke with a frightened expression on his face. He knew now what he had to do. The three parts of Tsun's soul could be found on Skyrim and the isle nearby One part resides inside the dragon with wings like a hurricane, one inside a dragonpriest on the snowy isle of solstheim, one in the mighty vampire lord in the castle on an island where the dead roam. The last and most powerful part of his soul resides in the ultimate enemy, an empty set of ebony armor held together using forbidden magic.

Quinchal must choose his path and pursue the remnants of the sorcerer and put an end to his tyranny so that his ancestors' souls can be free to enter Mount Meru, the akaviri version of heaven. The ancestors bestowed upon the argonian the ability to take the shape of mythical beings. 

Quinchal had the abilty to morph into a towering celestial being that could fell his foe with a swipe of his claw or make enemy samurai flee with a mighty roar if he sided with the tiger. If Quinchal chose the path of the dragon, he would have the ability to take the form of tangible fire. This form would allow him to either fight with claw or spell to overwhelm or confuse his enemy. 



Lupine: werewolf perks expanded - Tiger mother has granted the jianshi with the ability to tap into the spirit world, a feat that the werewolves of the mortal world can never achieve. 

Byzantine - Imperial Chainmail and Scale Armors - the Jianshi must look his best while he brings honor to his family name

Conqueror's Honor - this house is as Akaviri as it gets on Skyrim Special Edition. This house mod has everything an akaviri warrior or even an akaviri underling could need

Immersive Weapons - there are lots of akaviri inspired weapons in this mod

Ordinator - Completely optional mod, only if the user wants it as it reworks the perk tree and makes playing as a jianshi, a chinese warrior, more viable than the vanilla perk system



Heavy Armor The ancestors taught Quinchal how to become impenetrable, like a wall of stone

Two Handed Quinchal can wield mighty katanas that can cut though armor with ease. With the champion's stance perk, the samurai can perform power attacks without losing that much stamina.

Smithing the akaviri are skilled in forging weapons and armor that the akaviri would be proud of. The weapons and armor are cut from a rare material found only on Akavir that makes the weapons and armor he smiths to be near impenetrable.

Archery The bow of the Jianshi is made from bamboo, which can be found in many akaviri forests surrounding akaviri temples. While the skill tree's only invested perk in overdrawn, the bow can still do a considerable amount of damage to the armor 




Aspect of Sorrow - the tiger mother's spiritual presence is felt in the jianshi as well, giving him increased magicka absorbtion and reflection

Howl of the Tempest - the divine mother lends Quinchal the power to add shock based magics to his howls with a slight chance of also paralyzing his enemies.

Silent as the Night .- the divine mother pours her spirit into the jianshi, enabling him to move silently in both his reptilian and tiger forms

Blood of Nirn - the jianshi can gain increased health regeneration as a reward for following the path of the tiger

Echo of the Howl - tiger mother grants the jianshi increased shout and howl cooldown as well as decreases in magicka costs in reptilian form

Purifying Blood - tiger mother shares her insight of how she became resistant to poison. This insight gave him a total resistance to poison in his tiger and reptilian form.


 The Samurai never engages in combat that is without honor. With weak enemies like bandits and common thugs use your yumi to show them that life without honor is a life not lived. He partakes in quests that will either bring himself honor or quests that affect his soul in either in a positive or negative way. The enemies he views as honorable in combat are his ancestors, trapped in the bodies of dragons by tiber septim. The samurai blocks their elemental breath attacks with spellbreaker. He then proceeds to rip apart the dragons' flesh with one swipe of the orcish greatword so that he can guide the spirits of his ancestors to the afterlife. When he lets his emotions cloud his judgement that is when the soul of the dragon shows itself and the samurai becomes wild and untamed.



If you choose the path of the righteous, go to the embershard mine and pick up an iron warhammer. Exit the mine, go to riverwood and speak to Alvor and head to whiterun and join the companions to obtain the form of the weretiger.  After the main quest, the tiger destroys Paarthurnax and frees his grandfather's soul and he gets inducted into the sacred order of the blades. Complete any quests that derive honor. Partake in quests of the nine divines. 

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12337057066?profile=RESIZE_400x Swiftness of the Tiger The yin take over and enable the samurai to dash and swing his sword at amazing speed Whirlwind Sprint + Orcish greatsword + Sweep

12337056491?profile=RESIZE_710x The Duality of Man The two halves must cooperate to pull off the ultimate maneuver using all the samurai has learned Call of Valor + Flesh spell + Summon Assassin + Ebony Blade

Main Quest The jianshi undertakes this great quest to set Tsung K'iang Tso's soul free from the dragon it currently inhabits.

The Companions The jianshi undertakes this trial to see of he is worthy of uniting his spirit permanently with the tiger's.

Imperial Legion The tiger joins his fellow jianshi to purge the dragon's presence from the land. 

The Whispering Door the samurai must prove he is worthy to wield the nodachi of eternal darkness to smite those he deems unworthy in combat.

Blades The Jianshi joins the Akaviri dragonslayers in the hopes that his ancestors will embrace the light and forsake the dark path forced upon them by Tsun Kai.

Companion: Vilkas or Inigo



The Dragon is a creature that the Akaviri revere about all others. They see them as sacred and do not engage them unless there is no visible alternative. They feel that in slaying one of the mighty and holy creatures that the souls of their ancestor will be set free. If Quinchal chooses this path, he is given a voice like that of his ancestors. He is also given armor as hard as dragonbones by his ancestors.



Stats: 3:4:2

Standing Stone: The Serpent

Armor: Dragonscale Armor

Weapons: Ebony Blade (miaodao), Dragonbone Bow (gong)

Spells: Incinerate, Fireball, Flames, Firebolt, Summon Durnehviir

Shouts: Fire Breath, Bend Will, Dragonrend, Dragon Aspect, Soul Tear, Call Dragon

Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Two Handed

Minor Skills: Destruction




Heavy Armor the dragon scales are impossible for enemy weapons to break through

Destruction The yang specializes in burning everything is his way

Two Handed The dragon can wield his Dragonbone greatsword with deadly force and strike fast like a viper






The dragon could care less whom he hurts. He does not have the morality level of the tiger, in fact, he has no morality. Once the soul is tainted, there is no hope of repairing it. With a soul as black as night, the argonian, engulfed by the evilness of the dragon can no longer abide by the laws of civilized society. The dragon makes his own way through society even if that means killing innocents.



If you choose the way of the dragon, do quests that favor the darker side of dishonor like the thieves guild or the dark brotherhood guild. Venture to castle Volkihar to obtain the form of the mighty dragon in order to destroy anyone who standing in your way. Take on side quests that have a dark side to them. Do all of the daedric quests except Meridia's Beacon, Hircine's quest and Peryite's quest. 


12337058873?profile=RESIZE_400xFury of the Dragon Thw yang enables the jianshi to annihilate his opponents Fire breath + Augmented Flames + Wall of Flame

12337058893?profile=RESIZE_400x Unforeseen Circumstances the soul, once absorbed by the dragon, is wild and untamed Vampire Lord + Ring of the Beast + Supernatural Reflexes


Dawnguard (Vampire Questline) the dragon makes his nest in the only home that will accept his wrongful ways

The Black Star the yang has no need for animal souls, what he needs is souls of human for his various misdeeds

House of Horrors the yang appreciates when a sacrifice is required to please a daedric lord

Boethiah's Calling the dragon is most pleased when a quest involves treachery of blood

Companions: Durnehviir, Odahving or any dragons you ride using the bend will shout34361_e1a7.png?c=f282&profile=RESIZE_584x

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