I made a lot of builds. Too many.

If you ever need help on anything Elder Scrolls - lore, roleplay, or character building - just ask.

Henson replied to Sexy Khajiit's discussion Character Build for Skyrim: Sauron (Updated) in Skyrim Character Building
"To add on to what others have said, and they gave great advice, you get to make builds the way you want! There have been practices and post methods that have seemingly been the popular ones which can get your build more views and enjoyment from…"
Henson posted a discussion
Been awhile y'all. After posting "How Do You Book?" I want to try another question in the same vein and one that I am now going through with a character on mine. It is simple:
How do you junk? Meaning ...
- Do you collect any items that don't do,…
Henson replied to Curse's discussion Favorite Role in ESO
"Well again I didn't play for long.
I would run into very, very thankful players and finding willing peeps was lightning fast. I would never run into other healers so groups would dig a pure healer giving huge help.
I would then also run into the…"
Henson replied to Curse's discussion Favorite Role in ESO
"Only played for a short time but any mmo I always try go and full healer."
Henson commented on Kaiser’s status
Sep 15
Henson replied to Skull-Blackblood's discussion Character Snapshots in Roleplaying
"Name: Hallbu Dragonstar
Class: Hexguard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Loyalties: Mara's Benevolence, Maran Knights
A devout believer in the principles handed down and shown to mortals by Mother Mara, Hallbu is a highly trained knight with an…"
Sep 13
Henson replied to Saronis's discussion Character Build: The Skystrider in Skyrim Character Building
"That's ... that's a lot of words!
No but in all seriousness this is another killer build from you. Very interesting to see a spellsword go so heavy into enchanting and soul manipulation but definitely a cool take. This is very lengthy and I know you…"
Sep 6
Henson replied to Henson's discussion Moments Of Awe
"Good pick! Delicious image."
Sep 5
Henson liked Saronis's discussion Character Build: The Skystrider in Skyrim Character Building
Sep 4
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Aug 15
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Aug 11
Henson replied to Curse's discussion Favorite Elder Scrolls Historical Figure
"Morian Zenas! Super powerful conjurer and mage that basically made it his life's work to travel to various realms of Oblivion to study them. He apparently ended up stuck in Apocrypha but I guess he got what he wanted - knowledge."
Jul 20
Henson commented on DaedricPrinceFan’s status
"Hey! So I love the title and would love to see this as a fully posted build. What you wanna do is:

1) Go to the Character Building Group (join and follow while you are there!)
2) Make a new post by hitting “+Add Discussion”
3) Put all of your post…"
Jul 20
Henson replied to Furrion 17's discussion Character Build: The Infernal Huntress (Ordinator) in Skyrim Character Building
"Really great character concept overall and a wonderful visual presentation. This is a mod city build and I can't wrap my head around a lot of what these do being a ps4 player myself but from your gameplay and descriptions it sounds like a hell of a…"
Jul 15
Henson posted a discussion in Skyrim Character Building
Note to the reader - this is a build I posted back in 2012 to the old SkyrimBlog on an old account. Talk in the discord got me thinking that I never shared this on this site yet so come along and take a trip back in time. Tried to recreate the…
Jul 13
Henson liked Avi's discussion ESO Character Build: The Volkihar (Magicka Warden; Frostmage-Vampire) in Elder Scrolls Online
Jul 11

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  • All of his builds: https://theskyforge.ning.com/groups/tes-character-building/forum/li...

    Just search for his name and all builds tagged with his name will show up 

    henson - Skyrim Character Building
    Skyrim Character Builds - Fan-fiction - Role-play - Blogs - Community
  • Could you possibly post your builds on your page for easier access?

  • That's a bit rude, Henson pretty much one of the OG builders

  • Welcome back, Henson
  • Welcome back, sera.

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